Sunday, March 30, 2014

Zack Ryder Last Rezort

For the past couple of weeks, there have been rumors of two very disgruntled ex-World Champions joining forces.
We have seen The Miz interrupt Raw segments and we have also seen Dolph Ziggler cut some very interesting promos for the WWE App. These two guys have been the focal point of these rumors, but now, Zack Ryder is rumored to be joining this faction. Ryder currently re-started his YouTube Channel, renaming it “Zack Ryder Last Rezort”. His latest episode proclaimed that he is a future WWE World Heavyweight Champion. This is a huge proclamation, but can you guys see him as a World Champion?

Many fans do see Ryder as a future World Champion, including myself, and it would be an incredible wrestling moment if it does happen. But in my opinion, the WWE's “creative team” will not give him an opportunity to stand out in this rumored faction. Honestly, I see the WWE giving him a tag team partner instead. If these rumors are true, he is joining a group of former Champions. His dreams may have to take a step back for the glory of the others. I will be extremely excited to see how this storyline plays out. Dolph Ziggler, The Miz, and Zack Ryder are future stars that should be allowed to shine. Until next time, see you on the line.


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