Wednesday, March 13, 2013

What’s up with this guy, Fandango?

Who is Fandango and why is he getting such an impactful, but lame introduction to WWE Universe? Fandango is formally known as Johnny Curtis, you might remember him; he was on SmackDown. He won season 4 of NXT. Curtis trained in Killer Kowalski’s school of professional wrestling. This school has taught the art of wrestling to many superstars that wrestled for the WWE such as Triple H, Chyna, Perry Saturn and Kenny Dystra. He has wrestled for DSW, FCW, & NXT, and he has held many championships.
It is crazy how the WWE “pushes” guys with the corniest gimmicks. Please don’t get me wrong I am pretty sure he is a good wrestle, but why did the WWE feel the need to bring him out with that ridiculous outfit & and that fake accent. There are so many wrestlers in the WWE developmental territory that don’t have weak ass gimmicks, but when they are called up to the main roster they are given a silly character to portray.
Bo Dallas
On the other hand we see a second generation wrestler like Bo Dallas, thrown in to the mix without a huge buildup. Dallas is the son of Mike Rotunda and has held the FCW Heavyweight Championship title on three different occasions. The WWE is not interested in a “wrestlers” they want larger than life characters. This is why guys like Kassius Ohno (Chris Hero), and Richie Steamboat will probably be wrestling in NXT for a while. For this reason I believe, Bo Dallas will probably be sent back to NXT by the end of the year. Until next time, see you on the line.

This is a clip of FCW programing; Johnny Curtis wrestled Mason Ryan for FCW Title, we can actually see that Curtis has skills in the squared circle.

Harrington Bayas


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