Sunday, July 29, 2012

CM Punk made me a fan

The final match on Raw’s 1000 episode was John Cena vs. WWE Champion CM Punk and it was a great match in my opinion. The match itself was not a five star match, but it left most of us with a huge question mark. The WWE does it again, they have a huge storyline in their hands and I personally can’t wait to see what their plans are for The Rock & Punk feud.
I can see them going head to head in another war of words, which Punk will win. I am glad that Punk didn’t drop the title to Cena; I wasn’t ready to watch Cena on top of the title scene for another six month. Actually Punk showed signs of his old persona; he is definitely a better heel in my opinion. The fact that he is willing to drop the title to a part-time wrestler is the only thing that bothers me. I agree that having a major celebrity, such as The Rock on a PPV show will draw money for the entire company, including the boys in the back, but why does the WWE title has to be on the line. I know, I know, the title doesn’t mean as much as being the top guy (meaning a Cena or Austin character) but I have an old school mentality and I feel the title proves that you’re a top guy. But now a day’s they gave the title to anyone and they still have Cena close out the show, this is an utter disrespect to anyone that ever held the title.

The WWE were in this exact position last year, CM Punk dropped his famous pipe bomb on Raw and then went on to hijack the WWE title after defeating John Cena, in his own home town.  I really thought WWE would have knocked the ball out of the park, but instead they dropped it. Will they do the same thing again or are they ready to hit for the fences.

Harrington Bayas


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