Wednesday, May 16, 2012

The Strange Cases of 7 Missing Titles

Here is another list put out by WWE, recapping seven titles from the past that are no longer being used. The titles on this list are so old that many of these younger wrestling fans wouldn’t remember them, there are two titles that I have never heard of, and I have been a wrestling fan for 27 years, so I don’t know why they are giving us this history lesson?
Many of these titles just can’t be used in today’s modern wrestling, because one; the tag team division is weak, two the women’s division is horrible and lastly the WWE doesn’t like cruiserweight wrestling. On the subject of the Six-Man Tag Team Championship, the WWE does care about Tag Team wrestling so adding a third person in the ring will make the product look like shit, this is a title that will stay only in the memories of long time WCW fans. The Divas have these five minute matches that are usually full of bushed moves and finish with a roll up, why would WWE have four women in the ring? Sorry guys, we will not see the Women’s Tag Team titles anytime soon. The Women’s Championship was killed in 2007, after the WWE started to call the female wrestlers “Divas”, enough said. These other titles are interesting; the World Martial Art Heavyweight Championship was a gimmick title in my opinion, the title was created for one man,  Antonio Inoki who only defended the title in Japan. This title changed hands twice, the title later was changed to the Greatest 18 Championship, and finally retired in 1992. Western States Heritage Championship was full of controversy, but again it was just a NWA title that later became known as the WCW World Heavyweight Championship title (not the big gold belt).The two titles that I would like to see come back are, Television Championship and the Cruiserweight Championship. I believe this title will help guys that are stuck in mid card status. They can wrestle the TV Champion and show case their talent live on Raw & pre-taped SmackDown. The guy that can carry this Championship title right now is Dolph Ziggler he has five star matches every night and can definitely grow in this division. The Cruiserweight division needs to come back, I would love to see guys like Kingston, Bourne, and Sin Cara get an opportunity to show what they can bring to the table. Having these guys battle for a championship will show that the EMIPERE that is WWE will attempt to have verity in their programing. Can you imagine seeing guysa like Austin Aries coming to the WWE and wrestling for the Cruiserweight Championship title versus Sin Cara that would be an awesome match!

7. WCW World Six-Man Tag Team Championship

6. WWE World Martial Arts Heavyweight Championship

5. WCW Women's Championship

4. NWA/WCW Western States Heritage Championship

3. WWE Women's Tag Team Championship

2. WCW World Television Championship

1. WCW/WWE Cruiserweight Championship

Harrington Bayas


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