Sunday, April 29, 2012

WWE Pisses Me Off

I am so tired of this crap, the WWE does this every single week they push the same two guys down our throat. I am sick of seeing John Cena and Randy Orton on television, both of these guys matches have exactly the same outcome, they never lose. Cena gets his ass whooped the entire bout until he makes his huge come back and wins his match, boring.
Orton’s match is the total opposite Orton dominates the entire contest and ends it with his three move set list for the win.  Do you know what really grinds my gears; it is the fact that the WWE conjures up an injury on the hottest wrestler on the roster to cool him down, just because he is taking fan support away from their two main guys, Cena & Orton. You guys remember last winter Zack Ryder was on fire no one could touch him, the fans loved this guy, and they chanted his name in every arena they went to. When he won the United States Championship Title I really thought the WWE finally saw the light and that they were going to actually push a real fan favorite. But, what does the WWE do, they take Ryder out of the equation and push Kane in a weak ass storyline with Cena. I am actually hoping that Ryder finally gets it, there is no way the WWE will push him any further, he is better off getting “Future endeavored”. I know this sounds harsh, but the WWE PISSES ME OFF. Ryder you have dealt with this before and you have found a way to make the best of it, so stick it out hopefully you will finally get you’re shot.

On to Dolph Ziggler, why is he jobbing to the Funkasaurus Brodus Clay, Ziggler is the future of the company. Fans and wrestlers themself are comparing him to the likes of Mr. Perfect Curt Henning & Shawn Michaels. What does he need to do to prove to the WWE that he is ready to be a “main eventer”, sell his un-born child tell us! Ziggler has the best matches every night on Raw and Pay Per View, and how does the WWE repay him, they resign Brock Lesnar to a part-time contract and move him down to the mid-card level, what a slap to the face. Ziggler has been working his ass off for the past three years and deserves better than this mid-card status shit the WWE is giving him.

Daniel Bryan is another guy who is over with the fan, the crowed loves him and they are booing the World Champion Sheamus.  This is all the WWE fault, they shouldn't have had Sheamus defeat Bryan in 18 seconds at WrestleMania 28; I just hope they don't screw him over like they did  Zack Ryder. Bryan has to capitalize on this fan support, continue his course and hopefully the WWE doesn’t bury him in some lame ass storyline. Bryan reminds me of a Bert Hart, you know, he gets over with the fans, but has no mic skill, I joke, I joke, I kid, I kid. Sheamus is getting so much heat that he should return to his roots, as a matter of fact I thought Sheamus was a much better heel. I am going out on a limb here, and predict that Bryan will become World Champion.

Harrington Bayas


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