Tuesday, April 24, 2012

We have a new Divas Champion (April 24, 2012)

Nikki Bella is the new WWE Divas Champion; she won the title after defeating Beth Phoenix in the Lubber Jill match. Phoenix seemed to have suffered an actual injury during this match; I wish her a speedy recovery if in fact it is a major injury.
Well I am also glad that the title is now around, the sexy waist of one of the Bella Twins. Thank you Nikki, thank you for ending that Glamazon title reign! But my joy won’t last for too long, I am sad to report that apparently Kharma will be making her return soon and that she will be gunning for the Bella Twins. She will return with a vengeance, and will look to put a hurting on those sexy Twins, because of those nasty and hurtful comments made by them during her exit promo last year. This is perfect, because it sets up a huge main event that may occur on SummerSlam, Kharma vs. Beth Phoenix. Well I am going to enjoy The Bella Twins victory as long as I can, and then prepare myself for Diva action or should I say Diva “Squash Matches”, because Kharma is the best and most powerful women in wrestling today. On a side note the word on the internet is that the Bella Twins contract expires on April 30, 2012, and they apparently haven’t resigning as of yet, there goes another piece of eye candy leaving WWE… L

(Thanks Joe Forsstrom for the link sent)
Harrington Bayas


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