Sunday, April 29, 2012

This Week in Wrestling (April 29, 2012)

Edge was on Raw this past Monday night, and he wanted to see the real John Cena. Edge called out Cena on being a big old softy and that the real Cena was the man that put him throw three tables of a ladder. It was funny how Edge, just let the entire world know that his contract was expiring at the end of this month, hoping to gather some support from the fans in order to get a better contract, he truly is “The Ultimate Opportunist”
Edge is right we need that bad ass Rapper that bends the rules once in a while. A man that would do whatever it takes to get a win, but at last, we are talking about Cena, he will never turn his back to all of his fans, or should I say the 5 – 10 demographic. I have to admit that Cena is a smart ass man, if he turns on his young fans he will not sell all of that merchandise and his stacks of money will drop. I guess Cena is keeping it real “Word Life”

So there is a feud going on between Kane and Randy Orton.  I am not really interested in this story line, because Kane already beat Orton at WrestleMania 28, so what does Kane need to prove? Nothing, absolutely nothing. The only high light of this storyline was that we got to see Cowboy Bob Orton and Paul Bearer; I haven’t seen them on television in a long time.

Why is WWE tag team scene so horrible, can it possibly be because of these two facts? The WWE Tag Team champions are jobbing to all of their opponents. Primo & Epico lost again on live television. They lost last week to the Great Khali & the Big Show and this week they lost to Zack Ryder & Santino Marcella. I really don’t know which lost was worst, but if I have to take a guess it will be the match with Ryder & Morella, they are considered the court jesters of the WWE. Fact two: Why is the WWE putting the Great Khali with the Big Show? Khali can’t even move in the ring or let alone walk down the ramp without limping. Do you know what is really funny, Cole and the King are selling the fact that they look impressive …What the hell are they watching, these guys are the slowest wrestlers in their rosters. The Big Show will run the risk of getting injured again because he is going to be doing most of the wrestling during their tag matches.

So Chris Jericho sends a gift basket full of liquor to his straight edge opponent at Extreme Rulez and what does CM Punk do he gives it away to Josh Mathews. Mathew didn’t even get a change to drink it cause Brock Lesnar shoved him so hard that he need to be carried out in a stretcher. Anyway later Punk gets accused of drinking Jack Daniels, I guess he drunk it on the rocks, because I can’t drink that shit straight, it will put more hair on my chest, and believe me I don’t need anymore. They finally ended this segment with Detroit's Finest, administering CM Punk a sobriety test, which he failed and then passed with flying colors when the officer left the ring. Punk got Jericho in the ring alone and let him have it. I really hate this storyline I am going to say it again all you need is The best in the world vs. The Best in World at What he does!

Brock Lesnar is horrible on the mic, thank God Cena came out when he did cause that segment was heading down the toilet.  Asking for Vince’s private jet and then asking for the show to be renamed to Raw starring Brock Lesnar, is this guy out of his freaking mind. First of all please don’t ever put another microphone in this man’s hands he will put everyone to sleep. I was going to order the Pay Per View, but after that poor excuse of a contract signing I will pass.

Rey Mysterio is suspended for 60 days for violating the WWE wellness program for the second time, and my wife said that he should be exempt from this program because he is so small and he needs all the help he can

Harrington Bayas


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