Sunday, March 25, 2012

This Week in Wrestling (March 24, 2012)

Raw began with CM Punk, in the middle of the ring; he was highly pissed off with Chris Jericho for airing out Punks dirty laundry on live television. Jericho told the WWE Universe that CM Punk’s dad is an alcoholic, and because of this Punk is straight edge, he doesn’t drink, doesn’t do drugs or smoke. Jericho continues his attack on Punk’s family, and brings up his sisters long battle with substance abuse.
This shits crazy! I really don’t care that Punk’s old man likes to down a couple of cold ones, hell I will join him while Jericho kicks his sons ass at WrestleMania 28. I really don’t like to see these cheap storyline, you don’t need this shit, just advertise the two best wrestlers in the WWE going ONE ON ONE, that’s all you need, bro!

Shawn Michaels, Triple H and the Undertaker closed out Raw, with a sad ass segment. I really wanted to see three of the greatest wrestler of the 90’s sell their match for WrestleMania 28, but instead all I got was another wrestler saying that Shawn Michaels is the “Best wrestler”. I am sure my bro, Ernesto enjoyed that part of the segment, but it didn’t make any sense to me. I really thought it was going be a streak vs. career, but we all know that will never happen. Triple H needs to be willing to do anything in order to win at Mania. This is going to be a good match, because it needs to be, the entire card for WrestleMania 28, needs all the help it can get.

On Impact Wrestling, I saw Dixie Carter give control of TNA back to the Hulkster. She was fighting all of last year to regain control just to give it back to him, what a waste of time. We saw Bully Ray interrupt the best’s match of the night in order to let us know that his name was “Bully Ray” WTF. We saw the Knockout Tag Team champions win another match, am I the only one that finds Eric Young wrestling in the women’s division a little disturbing and exciting at the same time. The disturbing part is he has to kiss ODB, and the exciting part is he gets to roll around the matt with hot babes, nice! James Storms beats on a poor defenseless man, who happens to be the legal advisor to Bobby Roode. There so many lawyers in wrestling, now, what’s up with that?  Sting tells us that he is going away, but that he will return better than ever, he should just retire already. This was the worst thing I saw on Impact Wrestling, this past Thursday; Garett Bischoff is in the ring with the Olympic Gold Medalists Kurt Angle, again. I hate seeing someone get a major push, just because he is someone’s son. I mean really, the Hulkster, tweets he is the future of Impact Wrestling and a week ago he defeats Kurt Angle, I know it is a story line, but gave a shot to guys who deserve this opportunity.

Harrington Bayas


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