Sunday, March 11, 2012

This Week in Wrestling (March 10, 2012)

The show started off with a huge bang last Monday night. The music hit and the fans in the arena got on their feet for, The Show Stopper, Mr. WrestleMania, Mr. Hall of Fame, “The Heart Break Kids” Shawn Michael. During this segment he wanted answers from his buddy, because apparently what happen two weeks ago really pissed him off. Michael calls out his best friend, Triple H and begins to question his actions. Triple H goes on and takes a huge jab at his friend by saying that he is tired of all the people talking behind Michael’s back about how he couldn’t get the job done, not once, but twice. With friends like that who needs enemies. The core of the problem lays with the fact that Triple H has always been under Shawn Michael’s shadow, when they call him out on the fact, that Michael is better than him; it sparks a fire under his ass. Shawn Michael proclaims that he knows who will win in the ‘Hell in the Cell’ match at WrestleMania 28, because he is the Special guess referee for this match.

Santino Morella won the United States Championship title from Jack Swagger, this past edition of Raw. Teddy Long booked this match and the outcome was a surprise, to me. I really thought that Zack Ryder was going to make his comeback and win the United States title, from Swagger. But Morella found a way to win even after John Laurinaitis, Dolph Ziggler, David “Potanga” and Vickie Guerrero, attempted to interfere in the match. This was the best celebration I have ever seen, for a Champion title win, Morella was crying like a woman who just won Miss Universe. Lol

Zack Ryder made his return to the WWE this past week on Raw, sporting a cane and a new Borski T-shirt. He interrupted Eve’s celebration after she defeated Alicia Fox in about 2 minutes flat. Ryder told Eve that “Broski before Hoeski” always. Later on backstage, Eve planted a huge kiss on Ryder and apparently Ryder is under the Hoeski spell again. Lol. I guess Ryder forgot all that crap that was coming out of her mouth the last couple of weeks. Bro, how can you put your tongue in that!

On Impact Wrestling they crowned new Knockout Tag Team champions. I really thought TNA had more respect for the women’s wrestling division. Having Eric Young & ODB capture the title from Gail Kim & Madison Rayne is preposterous, (man that was a pretty big word. lol).  Young is a pioneer now, he is the first man to capture a championship title in a women’s division, and this is one for the history books. They weren’t finished; Young asked ODB if she would marry him, she then turns around and asks Young to marry her. I can see it now, next week they will have the wedding of the century in the Impact Zone, but the real question is who will be wearing the white dress? Lol.

Harrington Bayas


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