Monday, February 20, 2012

Santino Morella in the Elimination Chamber Match

Santino Morella won the Battle Royal for the opportunity to be involved in the Elimination Chamber match for the WWE World Championship title, on SmackDown.  During the PPV we saw vignettes of Morella training for the match just like the greatest underdog in movie history, Rocky Balboa. In the match Morella pinned Cody Rhodes and Wade Barrett. He out lasted four other men to go one on one with the reigning WWE World Champion Daniel Bryan. Towards the end of the match Morella hit Bryan with the “Cobra” and honestly I believed the WWE was willing to put the belt on him. Even though Morella hit his devastating finishing maneuver it wasn’t enough. Bryan placed Morella in the LeBell lack, to gain the win. Morella is considered, the comic relief of the WWE, but this guy can wrestle. I am happy he got the opportunity to be part of the main event; he was a pleasant surprise inside of the ring. 

Harrington Bayas


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