Friday, February 24, 2012

Ron Simmons

Hello wrestling fans. The WWE Hall of Fame is a big part of the Road to WrestleMania, and I always, always, always look forward to seeing it. I personally love when they start name-dropping in their speeches. I just have this fascination with superstars "breaking kayfabe", meaning they're speaking out-of-character. That is why I love watching the biography DVD’s. Anyways, this past Monday on Raw Super Show, they announced the latest inductee, Ron Simmons. I became so happy. After his brief career in the NFL, he began his wrestling career in NWA as part of the tag team, Doom with Butch Reed and managed by Teddy Long. He then began his solo career, beating Vader and becoming the first African-American World Champion for WCW. In 1996, he became Faarooq Asad in the WWE, managed by Sunny. Later, he started the faction, The Nation of Domination. Members include guys like Crush, Savio Vega, Mark Henry, D-Lo Brown, Owen Hart and of course The Rock, just to name a few. The Acolytes Protection Agency (A.P.A.) with Bradshaw (JBL) was such a great tag team. Their office was in a corner backstage with just a single door with no walls. They were always seen playing poker and smoking cigars, but when they got hired for protection, they raised hell. In 2004, he retired having accomplished many achievements, including WCW World, United States and Tag Team championships, and a three time WWE Tag Team champion with Bradshaw. I just want to add, when I met Ron Simmons, I told him how I grew up watching him ever since WCW. I mentioned how I remember going crazy when he won the World Heavyweight title and becoming the first African-American World Champion for WCW. He was so thankful and such a great guy. I’m super excited and happy to see his induction to the Hall of Fame this year. One more thing.......... DAMN!!

Ernesto Heleno Jr.


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