Monday, February 20, 2012

Daniel Bryan is Still Champion

While Daniel Bryan was celebrating his victory over four other competitors in the Elimination Chamber match, the ‘Great White’ Sheamus came in and took out the WWE World Champion. Why does the WWE always embarrass the World Championship title, and a gifted wrestler? A lot of fans don’t like Bryan as the world champion and one of the main reasons is because WWE doesn’t allow him to get clean victories over his opponents. Bryan is a natural gifted wrestler, and he can make any man tap out. Clearly the WWE believes he can only gain a clean victory over the “Court Jester” of the WWE, Santino Morella. Bryan is on a winning streak, he has defeated Morella twice in the past two days, these two victories were submission, and he has never looked so dominating in the ring. The saddest thing is, the victories are over a jobber.

Harrington Bayas


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