Tuesday, January 31, 2012

The Undertaker is Back

The Undertaker
So Undertaker finally made his return to wrestling, and apparently he wants a rematch of last year’s blundering contest against Triple H. Don’t get me wrong the match was good until the Undertaker made Triple H tap out without applying a submission maneuver. This is one of the main reasons I don’t want to see this match again. I really don’t want the streak to end; I would rather see the Undertaker retire with the “Streak” intact. But the WWE will have a soon to be 47 year old wrestler who is clearly injury prone come out of retirement in order to draw money for the company. For how much longer will they keep bringing the Undertaker back? Until he needs help to get out of a chair, like Superstar Billy Graham currently does or will the WWE allow him to retire in peace. I am clearly going off topic! In my opinion, if Triple H beats the “Streak” it is only to feed his already huge ego. Why does Triple H, need this win, he is practically the owner of the WWE already. The WWE is always refereeing to doing “what is good for the business” and they should do just that and pick an up and coming wrestler to break the “Streak”. Not an ego maniac! Sorry Triple H, I am a huge fan, but seeing you breaking the “streak” is wrong and in my opinion not “good for the business”.

Harrington Bayas


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