Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Angelina Love and Madison Rayne in New York City

Angelina Love, Madison Rayne & The Wrestling Fans Review Crew
My family and I met Angelina Love and Madison Rayne, this past weekend at the Wrestling Universe. The turnout was pretty good and like always the price was fairly reasonable. This time the store had original TNA promo pictures that looked awesome.
The only down side was that the store sold them for $10, yes folk you didn’t missed read this, 10 US dollars, the price was little steep. I really believe the guy thought I bought two instead of one, but I realized that too late, so lost out on my $5. The TNA Knockouts were nice. They gave us little to no conversation, but they loved my daughter’s hat.  I usually get video footage of the meet and greet, but again they didn’t say much. Until next time, see you on the line.

-Harrington Bayas


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