Saturday, November 19, 2011

Zack Ryder & The Bella Twins in New York City

Hello again wrestling fans. This is Survivor Series weekend in New York City and there have been many events all around the tri-state area. My brother and I went to this special event at Kmart on 34th Street. We met Brie and Nikki, The Bella Twins. We also met the Woo Woo Woo Kid himself, Long Islands own Zack Ryder. We made it to the line at 10:00 am, the line looked short, but as I walked around the store to view the turn out, I notice there were more fans in the store already in line. While waiting on line we met referrer Charles Robison who was kind enough to stop and pose for pictures, he also signed autographs for us. I have to admit that Kmart did a wonderful job in maintaining order and giving us the right information for this event. Once they arrived the autograph session began and everything went smoothly. I got two pictures personalize, even thought my brother said it wasn’t going to happen, some video and great pictures. When we attend these events we always meet fans and spark up conversation pertaining to wrestling. We met three guys from South Jersey, which gave us some ideas on how the Steiner Sport signings operate, to which I would like to thank and we will see you there. Steiner Sports is hosting an autograph event with The Miz and Eve Torres, tomorrow in Long Island. We also met Luis and Richard on the line. I would like to give a special “thank you” to Richard for getting me an extra autograph from the Bella Twins. I strongly advise that if you’re going to attend any free WWE signing events, head out early in order to avoid delays or not getting an autograph. Over all it was a fun time and I can’t wait for tomorrow, our Survivor Series weekend will continue.

-Harrington Bayas

Brie Bella
Zack Ryder & The Bella Twins
Nikki Bella
Zack Ryder


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