Sunday, November 6, 2011

Wrestling And Social Media A Match Made In Heaven

I love social media, don’t you? I mean every time a wrestling company fires someone they hit twitter and invite everyone to a release party, right Maryse. Then we have Chris Master alleging sexual misconduct from the head of the SmackDown creative team. I will not mention names folks I don’t have BIG bucks to pay a lawyer if I get sued. We also have wrestlers that take jabs at other wrestlers that are still in the company. Chavo we all know that Cena sucks salty donkey ba***…sorry folks I forget kids can also read these things, Chavo thank you for reminding us, the obvious. Then we have wrestlers that are still under contract who call out the guys who left the company years ago. CM Punk, yes all the fans agree you are the best in the world at what you do. Sorry, you’re the best wrestler in the world we don’t want gimmick infringement, right Jericho. What I am getting at is that Social Media is a good tool for un-employed wrestlers to voice their opinion after being treated unfairly while under contract by their wrestling company. Wrestling companies like the WWE is also using Social Media as a tool to enhance their storylines. Kevin Nash is a prime example, he wrote on his twitter account that he refused a contract from the WWE because it was too low, really bro, the WWE is the biggest wrestling company on the planet. There isn’t any other wrestling company that can pay you better. I love Social Media, because we have people that like to talk sh*t, like me ;-) 

- Harrington Bayas


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