Sunday, November 20, 2011

This Week In Wrestling (November 20, 2011)

This week in wrestling we saw The Michael Cole challenge. This was a huge joke. Jim Ross went head to head with Michael Cole, what was at stake? JR’s Job. There was an arm wrestling contest, a dance off and finally the biggest joke of all a weight contest. CM Punk came to save the segment. He gave Cole a dose of reality, letting him know that Jim Ross is the best announcer in the history of Pro-Wrestling. CM Punk put Michael Cole in the Anaconda Vice that was priceless.  John Leaurinaitis hits the ring and announced that CM Punk will team up with the Big Show to take on The World Champion Mark Henry & The WWE Champion Alberto Del Rio. This match was good and finally Del Rio got a win over CM Punk and after the match he put Punk in an arm lock.

Mick Foley made his return to the WWE. Foley was telling the fans that he believes John Cena is one of the best performers the WWE has ever seen.  That is Blasphemy! Foley wanted to celebrate John Cena’s career by having a segment of “This is your Life”. Foley brought out Cena’s little league coach, his former tag team partner Bull Buchanan and his father John Cena Sr. John Cena Sr. was hilarious, questioning the fans for booing his son and telling us the fans, that Cena is a hard worker. Foley stats to announce the last person from Cena’s past and The Rock music hits the air waves. He enters the ring hits Foley with a Rock Bottom and leaves the ring, while his entrance music is still playing.

Santino Morella tells the audience that he will put his career back on track tonight and that next time he comes back to Boston he will be a Champion. Kevin Nash hits the ring and takes out Santino Morella with a big boot. Then he starts talking and “CLICK!”

Finally The Rock has come back to Boston; this was one of the best promos I have seen in years. He calls out the Awesome Truth, to the ring. Then John Cena hit the ring and the insults start flying. The best quotes of the night were “Cena Lady Parts are trending world wide” and “Boots to Asses”. Finally The Rock hits R-Truth with a rock Bottom. He then takes the Miz off John Cena shoulder and then hits him with the Rock Bottom.  Leaving John Cena and their opponents for Survivor Series laid-out in the middle of the ring. While Raw ends we see The Rock giving Cena the “you can see me” sign, awesome, show.


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