Wednesday, October 26, 2011

“The Immortal” Hulk Hogan

“The Immortal” Hulk Hogan was brought into Impact Wrestling to make it the number wrestling company in the world, but he is burying the company’s top guys on the air during a radio interview, before the company’s biggest Pay Per View event. When they asked Hogan if he believed Bobby Roode was going “Over” Kurt Angle “Nah, he's not ready. He's not the next guy. Y'know, they might think he is. Dixie Carter might think he is. The whole world might think he is. He's not the next guy.” WTF, is Hogan giving away the results of the PPV before it actually occurred. That was crazy, not only did he snapped on Bobby Roode he also let AJ Styles have it. When they asked about AJ Styles losing his main event status Hogan said "It's never too late. I mean, I just don't know. I, when I first came in all bright-eyed and bushy-tailed a couple of years ago, I had a ton of suggestions which I was kind of pushing real hard, which I thought would take him (Styles) to a crazy, crazy level, and nobody responded”. These two guys, put this company on the map, and yes he is a mega star, but Hogan has no right talking trash about the men who kept TNA a float for many years. I believe its Hogan massive ego that doesn’t allow him to become humble. Why does Hogan need to become a babyface on the biggest PPV event of TNA’s year? In my opinion the main reason is because he wants to out shine everyone’s hard work on that night. He goes as far to belittle the fans after they gave the World Championship Title to James Storm, on last edition of Impact wrestling, he states “Good morning Hulkamaniacs, can't wait for all the Rood fans that turned to haters to see the big picture, thank God we still have real marks HH”. I mean really, do you have treat the fans in that manner, we are the people that pay your salary; you should treat us with a little more respect than that. 


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