Monday, October 17, 2011

Hulkamania Is Back

The match between Sting & Hulk Hogan was exactly what I had predicted before, they both moved very slowly inside the ring and outside the ring. This match needed to have many players evolved in order to make it look good. Ric Flair was on the out and Eric Bischoff son, Jackson James was the referee, they both made the match interesting. Hogan hit the mat twice in this match; this was interesting because I thought he wasn’t going to land on his back. Sting & Hogan were busted wide open, but in the end Sting made Hogan tap out with the Scorpion Death Lock. Immortal hits the ring after that match and proceeded to pick apart the Stinger piece by piece.  Bischoff was attempting to hit Sting with a chair shot, but Jackson James took the chair away from his father. Bischoff turned on his son and hits him with the chair. The Stinger was crawling on his stomach begging for help and the Hulkster tore his shirt and gave it to him, they both cleared the ring. Hulkamania Is Back

-Harrington Bayas


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