Sunday, October 30, 2011

Picture of the Week (October 30, 2011)

James Storm is in the Picture of the week because he captured the Impact Championship title.

This week in Wrestling

Hello again wrestling. Two things happen this week in wrestling; one was the announcement that Ronnie form The Jersey Shore will make his wrestling debut next week on Impact Wrestling. He will be in the corner of Eric Young. The Second thing was that WWE Diva Maryse was released from her WWE contract. I just hope that The Miz who is dating her at the moment can keep his mouth closed, he should learn from John Morrison losing strike.

Comic Con 2011

So this year was the first time I've ever gone to New York's Comic Con. It was really fun. There were so many things to see. My personal favorite spot was the Artist Alley. I talked to so many artists. One in particular stood out to me because he was the creator of a comic I've never heard of named Super Pro K.O. It's an awesome manga about professional wrestling. I got to talk to Jarrett B. Williams about wrestling and art, two of my favorite things. If anyone wants to check out his stuff, here's a link, So anyways, I come across this small booth with WWE signs everywhere and I see Virgil and Ashley Massaro. I have to admit, Virgil was not the friendliest guy when fans just wanted a picture of him instead of paying for a picture with him. His prices were a little steep, for Virgil. Ashley Massaro on the other hand was a complete sweetheart. She introduced herself, asked for my name, I mentioned meeting her back in 2007 at the Virgin Megastore in Times Square for her Playboy signing, and we end up talking like we knew each from way back or something. She was awesome. She also mentioned doing some independent wrestling shows and thinking of heading back to TNA, so hopefully we'll be seeing her soon on Impact Wrestling. I am sad to say that I lost the opportunity to meet Raven and Jerry the King Lawler, twice. On that note, Comic Con was great and I can’t wait to go again. I wonder who will be at the WWE booth next year. We shall see

-Ernesto Heleno

Friday, October 28, 2011

Scott Hall is "The Bad Guy"

Scott Hall was once on top of the wrestling world. He was one of the forefathers of the NWO. Hall is an Icon in the wrestling industry that could never shake of his demons. His addictions to drugs have dragged his career throw the gutter, but many fans will always remember him as the “Bad Guy”.  Hall wrestled Shawn Michaels in the second ever ladder Match for the Intercontinental Championship title, this match is one of the great’s matches’ in the history of the WWE in my opinion. The documentary done by ESPN gave us a rear insight on the life of a wrestler that is well past his prime, and what happens when he or she doesn’t take care of them self. I am a true believer that everyone deserves a second chance, but it has to come from within yourself to make that change. Scott Hall clearly wants to change, but his body is worn down due to all the drug abuse his body has endured.  The only bright light I see in his life is his son.  The fact that Hall is training his son to become a wrestler has brought new light to an already dime heart.  

Harrington Bayas

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Divas Picture of the Week (October 27, 2011)

Gail Kim is featured on this week’s edition of Divas picture of the week. She made her way back to TNA or Impact Wrestling (which is it, TNA or Impact make up your mind guys) where women wrestling is important. She attacked the Knockout Champion Velvet Sky. In my opinion she is the top women’s wrestler in the world (next to Melina) and deserves to be in main event.

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

“The Immortal” Hulk Hogan

“The Immortal” Hulk Hogan was brought into Impact Wrestling to make it the number wrestling company in the world, but he is burying the company’s top guys on the air during a radio interview, before the company’s biggest Pay Per View event. When they asked Hogan if he believed Bobby Roode was going “Over” Kurt Angle “Nah, he's not ready. He's not the next guy. Y'know, they might think he is. Dixie Carter might think he is. The whole world might think he is. He's not the next guy.” WTF, is Hogan giving away the results of the PPV before it actually occurred. That was crazy, not only did he snapped on Bobby Roode he also let AJ Styles have it. When they asked about AJ Styles losing his main event status Hogan said "It's never too late. I mean, I just don't know. I, when I first came in all bright-eyed and bushy-tailed a couple of years ago, I had a ton of suggestions which I was kind of pushing real hard, which I thought would take him (Styles) to a crazy, crazy level, and nobody responded”. These two guys, put this company on the map, and yes he is a mega star, but Hogan has no right talking trash about the men who kept TNA a float for many years. I believe its Hogan massive ego that doesn’t allow him to become humble. Why does Hogan need to become a babyface on the biggest PPV event of TNA’s year? In my opinion the main reason is because he wants to out shine everyone’s hard work on that night. He goes as far to belittle the fans after they gave the World Championship Title to James Storm, on last edition of Impact wrestling, he states “Good morning Hulkamaniacs, can't wait for all the Rood fans that turned to haters to see the big picture, thank God we still have real marks HH”. I mean really, do you have treat the fans in that manner, we are the people that pay your salary; you should treat us with a little more respect than that. 

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Chavo Guerrero Jr. in Queens, New York

Hello again wrestling fans, my family and I just met Chavo Guerrero Jr. at the Wrestling Universe in Queens, New York, this was a fantastic event.  We had an awesome conversation with Chavo Guerrero, we asked him if he was going to TNA and if he liked the Kerwin White gimmick he once had in the WWE. I also told him that he needed to become the leader of “Mexican America” and he said we will see. I have attended many wrestling autograph events and I have to admit that the Wrestling Universe is the best, they give you ample time with each wrestler and we are treated like family when we are there. The staff at the store is very welcoming and I highly recommend the store for anything that pertains to wrestling. The first ever autograph session I attended was held by the Wrestling Universe, this is why I have preference for this store. I have met many wrestling legends like Superstar Billy Graham, Terry Funk, and Kevin Sullivan. They also bring current wrestlers’ like Rey Mysterio, Shelton Benjamin, and AJ Style. So if you are in the New York City area, make it your business to visit the store. 

-Harrington Bayas

Z! True Long Island Story (Episode #36)

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Picture of the Week ( October 22, 2011)

Chavo Guerrero is in the picture of the week, because he is making an autograph appearance at the Wrestling Universe in Queens New York. I picked this picture because I enjoyed when he turned to Kerwin White. This was one of the biggest push the WWE gave him, but it was cut short due to Eddie Guerrero death. In my opinion the push was taken away from him and then given to Rey Mysterio.

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Divas Picture of the Week (October 20, 2011)

Velvet Sky is the new TNA Knockout Champion, after defeating three women on the biggest PPV of year for Impact Wrestling Bound for Glory. She defeated then champion Winter, Mickie James, and Madison Rayne. She is smoking hot! this why she is in the Divas Picture of the Week. 

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

The Tommy Dreamer TV (Episode 1)

New TNA Champion

James Storm defeated Kurt Angle for the TNA World Heavyweight Championship title at tonight’s Impact Wrestling taping from Universal Studios in Orland, Florida. Congratulations James Storm, you have work hard your entire career to reach this goal.

Monday, October 17, 2011

Hulkamania Is Back

The match between Sting & Hulk Hogan was exactly what I had predicted before, they both moved very slowly inside the ring and outside the ring. This match needed to have many players evolved in order to make it look good. Ric Flair was on the out and Eric Bischoff son, Jackson James was the referee, they both made the match interesting. Hogan hit the mat twice in this match; this was interesting because I thought he wasn’t going to land on his back. Sting & Hogan were busted wide open, but in the end Sting made Hogan tap out with the Scorpion Death Lock. Immortal hits the ring after that match and proceeded to pick apart the Stinger piece by piece.  Bischoff was attempting to hit Sting with a chair shot, but Jackson James took the chair away from his father. Bischoff turned on his son and hits him with the chair. The Stinger was crawling on his stomach begging for help and the Hulkster tore his shirt and gave it to him, they both cleared the ring. Hulkamania Is Back

-Harrington Bayas

Friday, October 14, 2011

Rumor Mill (October 14, 2011)

On tonight night edition of Friday night SmackDown you’re going to see a 41 man Battle Royal, in which Randy Orton throws The Miz over the top rope to become the winner. Beth Phoenix defeats Kelly Kelly in a non-title match. Sin Cara in black attacks Sin Cara in blue on the way to the ring. Sin Cara in black takes the blue mask and heads to ring. He defeats Justin Gabriel. Alberto Del Rio defeats Sheamus due to out-side interferes by Christian. Kofi Kingston & Zack Ryder defeat the US Champ Dolph Ziggler & Jack Swagger with Vickie Guerrero in their corner. Mark Henry vs. Randy Orton ends in a DQ when Cody Rhodes hits the ring, the Big Show comes in to help Orton.  Dark Match main event John Cena vs. Alberto Del Rio, John Cena wins this match by DQ because Ricardo Rodriguez ran in aid Del Rio.

Z! True Long Island Story Episode #35

Wrestling has become fun again

The past three month the WWE has become exciting and unpredictable. We have seen CM Punk walk out with the precious WWE Heavyweight Championship titles. There were 2 WWE Champions, at the same time this year. John Cena won the WWE title for a record breaking ten times. . We have seen the WWE title change hand more than a woman changes her mind on what to wear. The Chairman of the WWE Vince McMahon was relieved of his day-to-day operational duties on Raw, by his Son-in-law. Triple H was appointed COO, his first act as COO was to hire Jim Ross. Kevin Nash returned and interfered in world title match. We have seen a young superstar bring back a classic look for the Intercontinental Championship title. I would just like to say, thank you Cody Rhodes, thank you for attempting to take the IC title to its prior glory. .  The Woo Woo Kid, Zack Ryder has appeared on Raw and has pinned the United State Champion, Dolph Ziggler twice. Speaking of Ziggler he is a raising heel that I predict will become a world champion sometime in the near future. Mark Henry has become World Champion, something he has chased for 15 years, congratulations. The past week’s edition of Raw we witnessed a massive walk out. The COO Triple H was relieved of his Raw duties following the walk out and we have a interim GM John Laurinaitis, who later on that night fires Jim Ross, in his own home town, that really sucks. I believe CM Punks sums it up correctly by saying “Wrestling has become fun again”

Picture of the Week (October 14, 2011)

This is the one and only true main event for Bound for Glory, the World title match. I am predicting that Bobby Roode will defeat Kurt Angle, to become the new Impact Wrestling World Heavyweight Champion.

Divas Picture of the Week (October 14, 2011)

The Bella Twins are two of the hottest Divas in the WWE this why they are featured in the Divas picture of the week.

Friday, October 7, 2011

Hulk Hogan vs. Sting

Hulk Hogan back
after his last surgery
Hulk Hogan was going to retire on Impact Wrestling, and I for one would have been happy if such an amazing career came to an end on the mic rather than in the ring. As I predicted months ago, the main event for Bond for Glory was going to be ‘The Icon’ Sting, in his joker costume, vs. ‘The Immortal’ Hulk Hogan and I was right again, this match is going to down, folks. If Hogan loses the match to the Stinger, he will give control of Impact Wrestling back to Dixie Carter. I want everyone to understand that I get goose bumps very time I see the Hulkster walk down the ramp, but Impact Wrestling is expecting the fans to buy this Pay Per View, because of this main event, I don’t think so. Hulk Hogan is a 58 year old man and he has had 9 back surgeries, yes folks I said 9 back surgeries. We all saw the last match between Sting & Flair a couple of weeks ago. That match was horrible, because they both don’t move as well as they use to. I will buy this PPV for the World Championship match, Bobby Roode vs. Kurt Angle, the X Division Championship match between Austin Aries & Brian Kendrick and even the I Quit Match with AJ Styles & Christopher Daniels.  I can’t speak for many fans, but I can say this if you want to see these guys wrestle at their best watch this.

CM Punk Interview

This is a great video of a wrestling fan that has made his dream come true. 

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Z! True Long Island Story Episode # 34

Divas Picture of the Week

Miss Tessmacher

Miss Tessmacher is the featured this week’s edition of Divas picture of the Week. She was on last week’s edition also, because she is just plain HOT!!!

Picture of the Week (October 06, 2011)

The Awesome Truth

On this week’s edition of ‘Picture of the Week’ we are high lighting two WWE Superstars, The Miz & R-Truth. They are two men who are creating havoc in the WWE. They were the major factor for the massive WWE walk out. This storyline has the making of one of the best ever…


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