Monday, September 5, 2011

Super SmackDown

Super SmackDown aired on Tuesday night and it was a pretty good show. The Main event was a cage match between World Champion Randy Orton and Christian. This was an excellent match, because we had two veterans in the ring that know how to keep the audience on the edge of their seat. I am sick and tired of the way the WWE is treating Christian. He left the WWE and joined TNA in 2005. At this particular time TNA knew what they were doing, they made Christian a main event player and also a two time NWA World Champion, they even brought in Tomko as enforcer. Back to present time, the WWE is shitting all over this guy because he went elsewhere and made a name for himself, winning the title, dropping it the next night, begging for a title shot, and the most degrading thing of all time winning the World title by spitting in a man’s face. I mean really, if the WWE doesn’t want him as the World Champion, then keep him as a mid-card performer, why make him look like an ass. As you can tell Christian lost again, then Mark Henry hit the ring to take out the champion, which means that Christian is now out of the title hunt.

There were about five matches on the show. Yes, you are reading this correctly, five matches in a two hour show. There was a match that featured Kelly Kelly & Alicia Fox vs. Beth Phoenix & Natalya which ended when Phoenix hit her finisher on Alicia Fox. John Cena took out Wade Barrett, after hitting Barrette with his array of moves, you know, his famous shoulder block, with his “you can’t see me” and then hits the attitude adjustment. Sin Cara defeated Daniel Bryan in a very good match; after the match was over Sin Cara turned on Bryan and left him laid-out in the ring. Sheamus took on The Great Khali; this match was advisedly made to display the awesome power Sheamus posses. Sheamus took out the biggest competitors in the WWE, which means the next man that will suffer the wrath of the Celtic Warrior will be Mark Henry. Henry has proven that he is a force to be wracking with, by slamming Sheamus on to a steel step. This will be interesting because Henry may defeat Orton at Night of Champions. Sheamus in opinion is the next man in line for the World title. The sad thing about the WWE titles is that the WWE itself is passing them around like a cheap bottle of Whiskey.

-Harrington Bayas
-The Wrestling Fans Review


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