Monday, August 1, 2011

Should John Cena Turn Heel?

John Cena
Hello again wrestling fans. As I browsed the internet there was a question I came cross that peaked my interest and that was "why doesn't John Cena turn heel?" I would like to give you my opinion on this question. There is only one huge baby face that turn heel and became a bigger star then he was it was Hulk Hogan. The main reason it worked was because Hogan turned heel for a reason. WCW just acquired two huge stars from the WWE/WWF, Scott Hall & Kevin Nash; they started an angel that depicted them as invaders or “Outsiders” from WWE and what bigger star to lead this group of misfit then the man that put the WWE on the map, Hollywood Hogan. The angel took off like a rocket, but it was watered down as the years went by. Getting back to John Cena there is no reason for him to turn heel at this particular moment, the angel that is evolving right now is an anti-hero CM Punk and a hero Cena. Punk has the older fans and Cena has the younger fans, so it’s a perfect fit for him. If the WWE decides to turn Cena in to a heel, it will be a huge gamble for them that they are not willing to take. 
I will like to take you back to One Night Stand 2008 at the Hammerstein Ballroom in New York City, where Cena took on the then current ECW champion RVD. The crowd was anti-Cena and in my opinion it was the perfect time for Cena to turn heel. I know there will be many ECW fans that will crucify me just for saying this, but give me a chance to explain, on that night Cena showed a glimpse of a hardcore, or if I may say an extreme side.  Picture this; if Cena would have turned on his young fans and started to use chairs, tables or anything the fans brought to the show on that night, the crowd would have in embrace him. If he would have won that match, the crowd would have been in shock and “The Doctor of Thuganomics” would have been reborn. Cena would have held both titles and this particular angel could have developed into something huge. In my opinion if this would have happen ECW would still be on the air today. So to answer that question it’s not the right time to turn Cena heel. We need to wait until the right opportunity appears again.

-Harrington Bayas
-The Wrestling Fans Review
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