Saturday, August 27, 2011

Night of Champions Main Event

The main event for the Night of Champion PPV was announced last Monday night on Raw. It’s going be John Cena vs. our WWE Heavyweight Champion Alberto Del Rio. This was a major surprise, not really! I must be honest I am not going to pay for this PPV, the key word here is pay. This match is going to be like all the other Cena matches, he will get his ass kicked the entire match and then mount a comeback, this is boring. How many times can we see the same match, no wonder the WWE PPV buy rates are going down the drain. The only upside, is that we are going to see Del Rio carry this Fruity Pebble ass throw out the match, and take him to wrestling school, by doing so Del Rio will be viewed as a creditable champion. I am also upset that former champions like The Miz, and Jack Swagger are not even at mid-card status. The Miz is teaming up with R-Truth, another chump that The Miz has to carry. I hope that putting Swagger and Vickie together can help his carrier, and at least have him face top contenders. The only sad thing is that CM Punk is getting over with fans, and he may have to face a 50 year old man at a PPV, this isn’t TNA guys, so let’s cross our fingers that we don’t have to see that match.

-Harrington Bayas
-The Wrestling Fans Review
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