Friday, August 12, 2011

Divas Division


Hello again wrestling fans, as you may already know the WWE has released five wrestlers. Chris Master, Vladmir Kozlov, and David Hart Smith are guys that haven’t been seen on WWE television for a while, so it’s not a huge surprise, they were released. What is a shocker to me; the WWE released the two best female competitors in the entire company Melina and Gail Kim. Gail Kim is a former Women’s Champion and she has also held the TNA Knockouts championship. Kim is the real deal she has been in the ring with the likes of Trish Stratus, Lita, Victoria (A.K.A Tara), Mickie James and she has defeated every one of them. She will be missed and hopefully we can see her soon, back in a wrestling ring.

The biggest shocker to me was Melina, since I have seen changes in the Divas division; I thought the women to lead them could have been her. Melina has held the Women’s Championship on three different occasions. She has also held the Divas Championship twice, which makes her in my opinion one of the best female wrestler in the world today. I have met her before, and she is as charismatic in person as she is in the ring. I would love to see her in Impact 
Wrestling and win the Knockout Championship.

Let’s talk about Beth Phoenix & Natalya, who declared war on the “cute, perky, little princes” in the WWE. I actually enjoyed the match on SmackDown between AJ & Natalya. They used wrestling holds for a change. Beth Phoenix taking out Kelly Kelly & Eve Torres proves that the Championship title will change hands at SummerSlam.

-Harrington Bayas
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