Tuesday, July 26, 2011

The True Champ is Here

CM Punk

Rey Mysterio
Monday night Raw started off, with the crowning of the smallest WWE Heavyweight Champion, ever and ended with the true champion hit the ring. Rey Mysterio defeated The Miz, whom in my opinion is the better superstar to carry the company under Triple H’s region. Mysterio gains the victory by hitting The Miz with splash of the top rope. (I would just like to take this opportunity to tell you guys I predicted Rey was going to win, thank you very much)The Miz attacked Mysterio at the end of the match, leaving him in a weaken state. Alberto Del Rio attempts to cash in the Money in the Bank, but Rey gains the upper hand and the match never gets started. Why doesn’t the WWE listen to the fans, we don’t want a midget champion. We want a young and over confident Champion.

Micheal Cole
Triple H enters the ring and gives us the return of Jim Ross, to the Chair he made famous. Then he gives us Micheal Cole as “The Cerebral Assassin”, this was a bitching scene. Everyone is quoting Charlie Shane’s “Epic” but I really like “Bitching”, so let’s bring it back folks.  Then he gives us a comic release sketch with R-Truth and then John Morrison returns to Raw. Oh did I forget to mention that he also gave us a second main event, that involves the new champion Rey Mysterio vs. the former champion, and if I my add the man that let the WWE title leave the company, John Cena.

CM Punk & John Cena 
The night wouldn’t be complete without eye candy in the ring, that’s what I always say; the Divas tag team match was Kelly Kelly & Eve Torres vs. Maryse & Melina. The main event is finally here, after a great match between Alberto Del Rio & Kofi Kingston, we get Rey vs. Cena. The match was a back & forth, Cena-Rey, Rey-Cena, no one knew who was going to win…no not really that match bite the big one. The only bright side was that JR was calling the match and he was making them look great, I thought I was a witness to the greatest match in world. Obviously Cena won the title, but the shocking moment of the night was when the true WWE Heavyweight Champion came, CM Punk and made his presences known. The two men came face to face and had a crowd going wild, both man raised the titles and got a response from the fans, but the true Champion CM Punk revised the greater ovation from the crowd. There is a video playing on the official WWE facebook, which show CM Punk on the mic stating “I am back”. Over all I feel this edition of Raw good, can’t wait for the next.

On a side note there are rumors that The Kings of Wrestling, Claudio Castagnoli and Chris Hero are heading to the main Raw roster, along with Colt Cabana. Is this correct, it mean I am right, CM Punk will invade the WWE with Independent wrestlers.

-Harrington Bayas
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