Saturday, July 9, 2011

Impact Wrestling (07/07/2011) part one

Mr. Anderson
Hello again wrestling fans. Mr. Anderson became the newest member of Immortal, by turning on Kurt Angel. I must retract my statement about Mr. Anderson I wrote on June 14th, I was expecting a lot from him and all I saw was a mid-card wrestler get bullied in to joining a gang. Most likely Anderson will turn on Immortal, but the damage is done, I will view him as a mid-card competitor, until he makes a huge impact.  There was a follower on facebook that commented on our post of June 14, Anthony Reese stated “he (Mr. Anderson) is not that good” and after what I saw, I must agree with him. During the first segment we saw Bully Ray bury the Impact Champion with his words, stating that Anderson can’t beat Sting on his own, and what does Mr. Anderson, our World Champion do, he joins that same group that doesn’t value his title reign.  I am going to change the subject, because I am really disappointed with Mr. Anderson. 

Bobby Roode
On to the Bound for Glory Series, there are guys in this tournament that are past their prime, such as RVD, Bully Ray, Devon, and Scott Steiner. We also have guys that are ready for a huge push, such as “The Pope” D’Angelo Dinero, Matt Morgan, James Storm and Bobby Roode. Crimson and Gunner are the two top guys in the standing. These two wrestlers have the least experience, but they are leading the pack, while a guy who in my opinion should run through the competition has yet to gain a victory, Bobby Roode. Crimson gain seven points by defeating the injured Roode, on this edition of Impact Wrestling. I am all for putting young wrestlers “over”, but not at the expense of a wrestler with so much talent. Bobby Roode shouldn’t lose to a no-talent, Goldberg want to be, as a matter of fact he should be leading tournament standings. Prediction time, I think in the end Roode will win the Bound for Glory Series.

-Harrington Bayas
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