Sunday, July 31, 2011

CM Punk is on TNA On Demand

CM Punk
I would like to take this opportunity to explain that I don’t call myself an expert, nor do I have someone in the “inside” of any wrestling company, what I am, is a wrestling fan that  writes about what he likes and what he dislikes.  I really hate trashing a sport that I have grown to love since I was five years old, but TNA (Impact Wrestling) should stop and start all over again. With that being said these last couple of weeks have been amazing for wrestling, there is a buzz in the air that reminds me of the late 90’s. It’s incredible how CM Punk is getting “Over” and TNA is trying to capitalize on the popularity that Punk has gained by showing all his matches during his time with the company on I know, TNA is doing bad but using a wrestler from another company to make a profit, sh*t that’s bad. What’s next, are they going to give us “R-Truth greatest matches”, if there are any? I can’t really understand what’s going on with TNA, they had my attention a couple of weeks ago, but ever since Mr. Anderson got bully in to joining Immortal I lost interest in the product. I was expecting the younger wrestlers to get an opportunity to shine with this “Wrestling Matters” campaign, but all I see is these wrestlers, that are clearly past their prime attempt to make a comeback. We see an Icon turn into a raving lunatic that believes he is the Joker. If you ask me he is trying to impersonate Jim Carey. Let’s get back to the subject, the Joker, I mean Sting is trying to bring back the real Hulk Hogan and if you don’t see it by now your simply blind, the main event for Bound for Glory it’s going to be Sting vs. Hogan for the umpteen time. Does TNA really believe that having these 80’s superstar clash in a PPV, draw money? They are clearly mistaken. What’s going to draw attention is the X division, and guys like Bobby Roode. These guys should be the focal point of the show not the back stage crap they are airing.  TNA, have great wrestlers in their roster, that are in their prime, but they are sitting back while the spotlight is on the older wrestlers. The WWE is showcasing their young talents at this very moment, and they are making a comeback in my opinion. So please TNA steal the idea of using younger wrestlers, instead of using wrestlers that are not on your own roster to make a profit.

-Harrington Bayas
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