Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Mr. Anderson is the new TNA Champion

For those who haven’t heard it yet Mr. Anderson captured the TNA World title last Sunday night at Slammiversary, by defeating the then current champion Sting. It was a good match, but not the main event of the night. I am actually excited that Mr. Anderson is getting a second chance to carry the title. His new gimmick is not really original, in my opinion it reminds me of a beer drinking, Texas Rattlesnake named Steve Austin. When Anderson was in the WWE he had an awesome gimmick, but the WWE never saw him as a World Champion. I enjoyed some of Mr. Anderson segments especially when he dressed up as the original Sting; it brought me back to the old WCW days. I really am expecting a lot for this title reign, but who will be his next opponent? I believe TNA’s roster is full of top young wrestlers that can have great matches with the new champ.  Bobby Roode is one of them, but he is on the disable list, Eric Young, Desmond Wolfe and D’Angelo Dinero. These guys are the future of TNA, but we can always count on the older guys getting the opportunities first. Kurt Angle could be the next in line for the title after his victory over Jeff Jarrett or is RVD back in the title picture? Only time will tell. Leave us comments on our blog site or facebook account on who would you like to see face Mr. Anderson for the TNA world title.

-Harrington Bayas
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