Thursday, June 30, 2011

CM Punk’s Great promo

Last Monday night CM Punk gave us a great shoot and/or work- promo, that made me want to buy a WWE Pay Per View, again.  In my opinion Punk did is job, which was selling tickets for the upcoming PPV. I mean, even thought the promo was all part of the show; we haven’t seen these types of promos since the early 90’s. I agree with some of his statements Punk made, specially the one about Cena. He states, I don’t hate Cena, but I hate this idea that Cena is viewed as the best. I am super excited for what may happen with this story line. I really hope the WWE is not letting this guy leave the company. I really think, Punk already signed his contract, and we the fans are being played for fools. The WWE wouldn’t allow these sorts of words just to be aired, they could have cut off the mic at anytime, but they didn’t.  I really hope CM punks capture the WWE Heavyweight championship from Cena, and this story line continues. Leave us your comments on the blogs site or on our facebook account.

-Harrington Bayas
-The Wrestling Fans Review
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