Sunday, June 19, 2011

Alex Riley

I am conducting a survey, on which young wrestler do you believe has the potential to become a great WWE Superstar. The wrestlers are Dolph Ziggler, Heath Slater, Drew Mcintyre, Johnny Curtis, Justin Gabriel, Zack Ryder, Sin Cara, Yoshi Tatsu, Jinder Mahal, and Alex Riley. For those who don’t know these wrestlers, I will be posting small bios on them.If you have a name to add to this list leave us a comment.
Alex Riley is the rookie sensation that ran wild in the WWE official developmental territory, Florida Championship Wrestling. He won the FCW Tag Team championship with his partner Scotty Goldman (Colt Cabana). Alex won the FCW Championship by defeating three men, Justin Gabriel and Wade Barrett. Alex Riley made his WWE debuted on NXT, his mentor was The Miz. He didn’t win NXT, but The Miz signed him to a ‘personal service contract’, which allows Alex to accompany him to the ring. We just recently saw Alex break away from his mentor and they will meet at Capital Punishment. I like this guy, and he may indeed be a star in the making. I really don’t see how having these two young stars feud benefit either one of them, but the WWE has a master plan, hopefully The Miz or Alex Riley is a part of that plan.

-Harrington Bayas
-The Wrestling Fans Review.
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