Monday, May 30, 2011

WWE Hall Of Fame 2011

Just recently I bought the WrestleMania XXVII DVD for only one reason, the WWE Hall of Fame 2011. I always try to get the WrestleMania DVD’s every year specifically for the Hall of Fame. Any WWE DVD that shows the behind-the-scenes of professional wrestling is always going to be part of my wrestling DVD collection. Therefore I love hearing the Hall of Fame inductees' introductions, vignettes and stories of their own personal professional wrestling careers.

Hacksaw Jim Duggan
As a kid, I loved Hacksaw Jim Duggan. I think it was cool that he was part of the Atlanta Falcons, he was in WCW which was based out of Atlanta and now he was inducted into the Hall of Fame in Atlanta. He was part of that era in WWE where you didn’t have to be a champion to be over with the audience. He was the first Royal Rumble winner and a King of the Ring, after beating Harley Race. It was touching to see his accomplishments, his fight with cancer, and the fact that he is now a Hall of Famer. HOOOOOO!!!

Bullet Bob Armstrong
I didn’t know much about Bullet Bob Armstrong, only the fact that he's Brad, Steve, Scott and Brian (Road Dogg Jesse James) Armstrong's father. I think Road Dogg's introduction and Bullet Bob's speech was very entertaining. His story about seeing Gorgeous George and accomplishing his dream of being a professional wrestler, was such a great story. I understood exactly how he must have felt that day. As a kid, I used to think these men were larger than life characters. It's something that most people won’t understand. With that being said, I grew a huge level of respect to now Hall of Famer, Bullet Bob Armstrong.

Sunny was, is, and always will be my favorite WWE Diva ever. She was my first real big celebrity crush. I remember meeting her and Chris Candido for the first time in The Wrestling Universe in Queens, NY back at the old location. And I'm definitely going to be there June 25th. I can’t miss the opportunity to see her again. Her story about her career was very interesting. She started out as Chris' manager in Smokey Mountain Wrestling and basically stole the show. Don’t get me wrong, Chris Candido is definitely a very under-rated wrestler. The Triple Threat in ECW was one of my favorite factions in wrestling history. Sunny just had so much charisma, you couldn’t help but either love her or hate her. She's the youngest Hall of Famer, the most downloaded celebrity on AOL in 1996 and 1997, and the original WWE Diva. Her induction was well deserved. Thank you, Sunny, for being you.

Abdullah  the Butcher
Abdullah the Butcher used to scare the crap out of me. His battles with Cactus Jack back in WCW, was my earliest memory of hardcore wrestling. He was over without ever saying a word on the mic. Terry Funk's introduction was not only hilarious but thoughtful. Abdullah the Butcher was a genius in his own right and a founding father of hardcore wrestling.

The Road Warriors
The Road Warriors were always one of my favorite tag teams. They were huge, with face paint and spiked shoulder pads. How could they not catch your attention? When my brother and I would play wrestling, I was always Hawk and he was Animal, painted faces and all. They are considered the best tag team in wrestling history and I can’t see an argument there. They're definitely the most successful tag team is history. Road Warrior Animal and Paul Ellering's speech was awesome. I just loved the way Paul Ellering's speech was a poem. "Animal was the exclamation point, I was the jockey that rode the horse, and Hawk was the whistle of the train." His words were very thoughtful. I loved how Animal referred to the "boys" as a brotherhood. His stories about their early career were so inspiring. They were so green but accomplished so much. "Hawk was a husband, a son, a brother, a warrior, a friend." He will forever be missed. LOD! LOD! LOD!

Drew Carrey
Personally I didn’t understand why Drew Carrey would be inducted but now I do. He's part of the celebrity wing with Pete Rose, William 'the Refrigerator' Perry and Bob Uecker. Kane's introduction was funny and Drew Carrey's speech was not only funny but respectful. He expressed his love and respect for professional wrestling. As a wrestling fan, I appreciate his respect for the business. So thank you for your support Drew Carrey.

Shawn Michaels
Mr. Hall of Fame, Mr. WrestleMania, The Heartbreak Kid Shawn Michaels is the best. Of course everyone knows how much I respect Shawn. What his peers had to say about him goes to show that he is the best. He never failed to make his matches the match to remember. His Hall of Fame induction was well deserved. I've personally been waiting for his induction. Triple H's speech was also hilarious. It definitely was more of a roast than an introduction. Either way his speech showed his love and respect for his friend. Hearing Shawn talk about validation really stuck out to me. He never wanted to disappoint. Reading his book "Heartbreak and Triumph," I've learned that his childhood and personality are things I can relate to. Growing up, wrestling with my big brother, being the smaller guy, I never gave up. I always loved watching the smaller high flyers. The Rockers are no doubt, my favorite tag team of all time. So Shawn was always an inspiration to me. What Bullet Bob felt when he first saw Gorgeous George is what I felt seeing Shawn Michaels. When I dreamed about being a professional wrestler, I mimicked HBK the most. I loved how he also referred to the boys as a brotherhood. "We can stab each other in the back, but nobody else could do it." He did what he could in order to keep the business alive by helping get the younger guys over. His career will forever be an inspiration to all the WWE Superstars. I'm quoting Carlito when I say, "Shawn Michaels is everything they say he is. In my opinion, he is the best." Much deserved induction into the WWE Hall of Fame.

Thank you to all the WWE Legends and Hall of Famers, past and present. This year's Hall of Fame is my personal favorite. Second would have to be Ric Flairs induction. Thank you WWE and all I can say is, I love wrestling.

Class 2011

- Ernesto Heleno Jr.
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