Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Tough Enough -Finals

After watching fourteen men and women compete for a WWE contract, Luke Robison & Andy Leavine are the last men standing in WWE Tough Enough competition. Next week Luke and Andy will have a five minute match at the Official Developmental Territory for the WWE, FCW. In order to win the contract and Tough Enough, one of them must have the best performance .In my opinion, Luke has the charisma and the athleticisms to win Tough Enough. While researching for this article I came upon NWA On Fire web site which has Bobby “Luke” Robinson in their active roster, does this mean he wasn’t Tough Enough, we will find out next week. By the way Luke is a former NWA on Fire Champion, which can explain why he is a natural in the ring. Check out this promotional video on Luke Robinson.

The man I thought was going to win this competition was sent home. Jeremiah Riggs is a 28-year-old, former MMA competitor from Vicksburg, Mississippi. This guy had charisma; he was a pure athlete, but his lack of in ring experience was his down fall. I believe we haven’t seen the last of Jeremiah, remember the one who wins Tough Enough, doesn’t always become a great superstar. Former WWE champion The Miz is a prime example of this. I can’t really say anything about Andy, except he never stood out, to me until he made it to the bottom three, and started to cry after Stone Cold Steve Austin question he passion for the sport, that was Awesome!   In the end Andy may be the one that wins it all, and that sound about right, Vince McMahon loves larger than life charters, but can they transform this quite man into a giant superstar, only time will tell.

-Harrington Bayas
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