Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Tough Enough Episode Six

This week on WWE Tough Enough, we saw two competitors go home. Ivelisse Velez was sent home because of the injury she suffered while working the ropes, during episode five.  Christina Crawford missed a leapfrog and landed on her head, causing the injury. The Puerto Rican native wrestled for six years in the independent circuits. She is the most experience female competitor in this competition. Steve Austin sent Ivelisse home because she was unable to perform at her full potential. The second person sent home, was Eric Watts. The 6’5” California Native never stood a chance in any of the challenges, because he wasn’t in top physical shape. In my opinion, Eric was the most unprepared competitor on Tough Enough and he should have been sent home earlier. Eric may have had the look of pro wrestler, but he didn’t have the heart and skills to become a WWE Superstar.

-Written by Harrington Bayas

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