Saturday, May 14, 2011

The Rumor Mill - May 11, 2011

SmackDown results

-Trevor Murdoch wrestled a dark match during the SmackDown taping. Sin Cara defeated Daniel Bryan, Kane Defeated Wade Barrett, and Randy Orton & Christian defeated Sheamus & Mark Henry.
-Shane ‘Gregory’ Helms is recovering in a hospital after a motorcycle accident.
-I read rumors of Batista and Chris Jericho coming back to WWE. I totally understand why WWE is bringing them back. They need wrestling superstars of their caliber to put over the young stars; this will give creditability to WWE roster.  In my opinion Chris is a great heel, I enjoy all of his matches and I really think he can make the WWE Heavyweight Championship look good.
Chris Jericho


These are rumors that may or may not be true


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