Wednesday, May 18, 2011

The 20 Greatest Wrestling Factions of All-Time!

Inside Wrestling Magazine
Hello again wrestling fans. I just finished reading the June issue of Inside Wrestling Magazine. They had an article called The 20 Greatest Wrestling Factions of All-Time! I really enjoyed the article because I am a big fan of factions. If you follow these wrestling groups you will find that many of their members became top wrestling superstars, after the group is dismantle. Let’s pick apart one of the factions on the list, The Alliance. The members in this group read like a Wrestling All-stars team; Steve Austin, Booker T, RVD, Kurt Angle, DDP, Chavo Guerrero, Billy Kidman and The Dudley Boys, just to new a few. The Alliance was created 2001, for the purposes to taking over the WWE. All of the members were former wrestlers of WCW & ECW. Most of these wrestlers became top superstars in the WWE after their run as Alliance members was over.

The Four Horsemen 
The list named the Four Horsemen as the number one faction in wrestling, and I most agree with list, and in my opinion they were truly the best. When I was seven year old I remember watching the Horsemen taking out The Road Warriors. After being a witness to a cohesive unit like Horsemen beat down one of the most powerful men in wrestling, I became an instant wrestling fan for life. The leader and champion was Ric Flair. The enforcer or the muscle was Arn Anderson. The Technical wrestlers were Tully Blanchard and Ole Anderson. The Manager of the group was J.J. Dillon. These men worked together for one objective, which was to keep the World title on Ric Flair and capture all the gold in the NWA.

CM Punk
There was one faction that was featured on this list, which I didn’t agree with. The NEXUS was ranked number seven on the list, but they haven’t existed for too long and I haven’t seen them make a big impact on wrestling. With all that being said, if this list should ever be reprinted in the near future I may agree with NEXUS seventh place ranking because CM Punk is the new leader of the NEXUS and I am expecting huge things from this new faction.
Legion of Doom
This article is also very informative. Legion of Doom was a faction that was lead by Paul Ellering in Georgia Championship Wrestling. The members were Jake Roberts, King Kong Bundy, The Iron Sheik and The Road Warriors. The Road Warriors used the name L.O.D while they wrestled in the WWE.

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