Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Tough Enough -Finals

After watching fourteen men and women compete for a WWE contract, Luke Robison & Andy Leavine are the last men standing in WWE Tough Enough competition. Next week Luke and Andy will have a five minute match at the Official Developmental Territory for the WWE, FCW. In order to win the contract and Tough Enough, one of them must have the best performance .In my opinion, Luke has the charisma and the athleticisms to win Tough Enough. While researching for this article I came upon NWA On Fire web site which has Bobby “Luke” Robinson in their active roster, does this mean he wasn’t Tough Enough, we will find out next week. By the way Luke is a former NWA on Fire Champion, which can explain why he is a natural in the ring. Check out this promotional video on Luke Robinson.

The man I thought was going to win this competition was sent home. Jeremiah Riggs is a 28-year-old, former MMA competitor from Vicksburg, Mississippi. This guy had charisma; he was a pure athlete, but his lack of in ring experience was his down fall. I believe we haven’t seen the last of Jeremiah, remember the one who wins Tough Enough, doesn’t always become a great superstar. Former WWE champion The Miz is a prime example of this. I can’t really say anything about Andy, except he never stood out, to me until he made it to the bottom three, and started to cry after Stone Cold Steve Austin question he passion for the sport, that was Awesome!   In the end Andy may be the one that wins it all, and that sound about right, Vince McMahon loves larger than life charters, but can they transform this quite man into a giant superstar, only time will tell.

-Harrington Bayas
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Monday, May 30, 2011

WWE Hall Of Fame 2011

Just recently I bought the WrestleMania XXVII DVD for only one reason, the WWE Hall of Fame 2011. I always try to get the WrestleMania DVD’s every year specifically for the Hall of Fame. Any WWE DVD that shows the behind-the-scenes of professional wrestling is always going to be part of my wrestling DVD collection. Therefore I love hearing the Hall of Fame inductees' introductions, vignettes and stories of their own personal professional wrestling careers.

Hacksaw Jim Duggan
As a kid, I loved Hacksaw Jim Duggan. I think it was cool that he was part of the Atlanta Falcons, he was in WCW which was based out of Atlanta and now he was inducted into the Hall of Fame in Atlanta. He was part of that era in WWE where you didn’t have to be a champion to be over with the audience. He was the first Royal Rumble winner and a King of the Ring, after beating Harley Race. It was touching to see his accomplishments, his fight with cancer, and the fact that he is now a Hall of Famer. HOOOOOO!!!

Bullet Bob Armstrong
I didn’t know much about Bullet Bob Armstrong, only the fact that he's Brad, Steve, Scott and Brian (Road Dogg Jesse James) Armstrong's father. I think Road Dogg's introduction and Bullet Bob's speech was very entertaining. His story about seeing Gorgeous George and accomplishing his dream of being a professional wrestler, was such a great story. I understood exactly how he must have felt that day. As a kid, I used to think these men were larger than life characters. It's something that most people won’t understand. With that being said, I grew a huge level of respect to now Hall of Famer, Bullet Bob Armstrong.

Sunny was, is, and always will be my favorite WWE Diva ever. She was my first real big celebrity crush. I remember meeting her and Chris Candido for the first time in The Wrestling Universe in Queens, NY back at the old location. And I'm definitely going to be there June 25th. I can’t miss the opportunity to see her again. Her story about her career was very interesting. She started out as Chris' manager in Smokey Mountain Wrestling and basically stole the show. Don’t get me wrong, Chris Candido is definitely a very under-rated wrestler. The Triple Threat in ECW was one of my favorite factions in wrestling history. Sunny just had so much charisma, you couldn’t help but either love her or hate her. She's the youngest Hall of Famer, the most downloaded celebrity on AOL in 1996 and 1997, and the original WWE Diva. Her induction was well deserved. Thank you, Sunny, for being you.

Abdullah  the Butcher
Abdullah the Butcher used to scare the crap out of me. His battles with Cactus Jack back in WCW, was my earliest memory of hardcore wrestling. He was over without ever saying a word on the mic. Terry Funk's introduction was not only hilarious but thoughtful. Abdullah the Butcher was a genius in his own right and a founding father of hardcore wrestling.

The Road Warriors
The Road Warriors were always one of my favorite tag teams. They were huge, with face paint and spiked shoulder pads. How could they not catch your attention? When my brother and I would play wrestling, I was always Hawk and he was Animal, painted faces and all. They are considered the best tag team in wrestling history and I can’t see an argument there. They're definitely the most successful tag team is history. Road Warrior Animal and Paul Ellering's speech was awesome. I just loved the way Paul Ellering's speech was a poem. "Animal was the exclamation point, I was the jockey that rode the horse, and Hawk was the whistle of the train." His words were very thoughtful. I loved how Animal referred to the "boys" as a brotherhood. His stories about their early career were so inspiring. They were so green but accomplished so much. "Hawk was a husband, a son, a brother, a warrior, a friend." He will forever be missed. LOD! LOD! LOD!

Drew Carrey
Personally I didn’t understand why Drew Carrey would be inducted but now I do. He's part of the celebrity wing with Pete Rose, William 'the Refrigerator' Perry and Bob Uecker. Kane's introduction was funny and Drew Carrey's speech was not only funny but respectful. He expressed his love and respect for professional wrestling. As a wrestling fan, I appreciate his respect for the business. So thank you for your support Drew Carrey.

Shawn Michaels
Mr. Hall of Fame, Mr. WrestleMania, The Heartbreak Kid Shawn Michaels is the best. Of course everyone knows how much I respect Shawn. What his peers had to say about him goes to show that he is the best. He never failed to make his matches the match to remember. His Hall of Fame induction was well deserved. I've personally been waiting for his induction. Triple H's speech was also hilarious. It definitely was more of a roast than an introduction. Either way his speech showed his love and respect for his friend. Hearing Shawn talk about validation really stuck out to me. He never wanted to disappoint. Reading his book "Heartbreak and Triumph," I've learned that his childhood and personality are things I can relate to. Growing up, wrestling with my big brother, being the smaller guy, I never gave up. I always loved watching the smaller high flyers. The Rockers are no doubt, my favorite tag team of all time. So Shawn was always an inspiration to me. What Bullet Bob felt when he first saw Gorgeous George is what I felt seeing Shawn Michaels. When I dreamed about being a professional wrestler, I mimicked HBK the most. I loved how he also referred to the boys as a brotherhood. "We can stab each other in the back, but nobody else could do it." He did what he could in order to keep the business alive by helping get the younger guys over. His career will forever be an inspiration to all the WWE Superstars. I'm quoting Carlito when I say, "Shawn Michaels is everything they say he is. In my opinion, he is the best." Much deserved induction into the WWE Hall of Fame.

Thank you to all the WWE Legends and Hall of Famers, past and present. This year's Hall of Fame is my personal favorite. Second would have to be Ric Flairs induction. Thank you WWE and all I can say is, I love wrestling.

Class 2011

- Ernesto Heleno Jr.
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Friday, May 27, 2011

Picture of the Week

Can you name this wrestler? You have to give me his actual name at the time.

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Rumor Mill


I just found out that Chyna is returning to porn. According to Vivid-co- chairman Steven Hirsch, Chyna filmed a scene with two of the top male stars in the porn industry, Evan Stone and Lee Stone. The scene is called “Backdoor with Chyna”. I am pretty sure that her appearance in TNA was for one night only, and because she filmed another porn scene, her chances to wrestle for TNA are slim. In my opinion the company is revamping and they should use this as an angle to make an impact. What do you think?

The Miz Part Two

The Miz

Let’s discuss how the WWE is putting one of the best wrestlers they have on their roster, back to Mid-Card status. Yes, people I am talking about the Miz, and if you don’t believe me, just watch the I Quit match at Over the Limit. I was a witness to the birth of a great new heel. I know the outcome of the match didn’t go the way the Miz wanted, but what he did during the match proved that the Miz is a force to be wrecking with. I’m Marking Out, yes I am. During the match The Miz grabbed the mic and asked a young John Cena fan to tell his idol to quit, it was awesome. The boy looked like he was going to breakdown into tears over the punishment the Miz, gave Cena. He showed the world a side of him that should be on display in every match he has from now on. His aggression, ruthlessness and his in-ring savvy will take this young super star to the top of sports entertainment. On Monday Night Raw we saw Alex Riley turn on the Miz. I can’t see how having these two young wrestler feud benefit one another. On the other hand capturing wins over veterans like CM Punk or Christian, can benefit Alex Riley. The Miz is not at that level of those veteran wrestlers, he is still new to this sport, but I can still see him in the mix for the WWE title.  

-Harrington Bayas
-The Wrestling Fans Review
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The Tag Team Division

The Brain Busters

Hello again wrestling Fans. This week I want to talk about the Tag Team division in wrestling. In the past the World Tag Team titles meant something. There were teams like The Road Warriors, The Fabulous Freebirds, The Brain Busters and Midnight Express, just to name a few who made tag team wrestling exciting. These men competed as a cohesive unit to obtain the tag team gold. The tag team division was so popular that there were two different titles, The U.S. Tag Titles and the World Tag Titles. There was also a six men championship title. I really don't understand why the WWE and TNA have tag team titles. Their tag team divisions are weak in both promotions, but at-least TNA has, Beer Money. In my opinion Beer Money is the best tag team in wrestling right now, the reason is because Beer Money doesn’t have any competition. 

The Hart Dynasty
The WWE had a perfect tag team in The Hart Dynasty, with Tyson Kidd & David Hart Smith with Natalya in their corner. What does the WWE do with this team; they break the team up, why? I guess tag team doesn’t draw money. Now we are seeing Michael PS Hayes former leader of The Fabulous Freebirds, as a manager again, and I hope he will bring back this division to its former glory. The WWE puts the two biggest wrestlers together (Kane & Big Show) and they handed them the titles. Who will take down these two giants? The new NEXUS did. On May 23, 2011 edition of Raw, David Otunga & Michael McGillicutty became new tag team champions. I am wondering how long, would the WWE keep the titles on the NEXUS members. I got it, I’m giving you a major prediction, the next tag team champions are going to be John Cena and whoever is his opponent at Capital Punishment.

-Harrington Bayas
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Sunday, May 22, 2011

The Truth will set you free

R- Truth

R-truth is the new heel in town. Are we really going take this guy seriously? I don't know. Once again I think the WWE drop the ball, with a wrestler that showed potential. When R-Truth was in TNA, he wrote a rap disrespecting the WWE and its heavyweight champion, it aired on YouTube. If R-Truth would had entered the WWE with that attitude and attacked the champion, both of their careers would have been different. John Cena may have been viewed as a creditable champion that would turn into “The Doctor of Thuganomics” when he needed to. He showed a glimpse of his thug ways, on ECW One Night stand, when he took on Rob Van Dam. Even though he was booed during the entire match, he showed a mean strict. R-truth would have been viewed as a bad ass that came from TNA, to take on the champion, a straight out thug. You have to understand that R-Truth is a former NWA world champion and he even held the WWF hardcore championship in his first run in the WWE. Even with all those championship, the WWE doesn’t view R-Truth as a main event wrestler. Now they have R-Truth talking to himself like a crazy’s man, they should go back to his rapping ways, in TNA, and then we may take R-Truth seriously.

-written by Harrington Bayas
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Saturday, May 21, 2011

Picture Of The Week

This is a young Christopher Daniels, holding the Windy City Wrestling Light Heavyweight Championship
Christopher Daniels
Picture- The Wrestler

Friday, May 20, 2011

The Macho Man Randy Savage

Macho Man Randy Savage
On May 20, 2011, we lost a true wrestling legend and an icon, The Macho Man Randy Savage.  Fox News confirmed that 58 year old, Randy Savage suffered a heart attack while driving his car in Seminole, Florida. Florida Highway Patrol states that Savage drove his vehicle into a tree after leaping a concrete median. His wife Lynn was in the car during the accident and suffered minor injuries. The wrestling world is in mourning, we lost a great figure in this sport. The nine time world Champion will be missed, OOH YEAH!!!!
ICW World Champion (3), WWF (WWE) World Champion (2), WCW World Champion (4)

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

The 20 Greatest Wrestling Factions of All-Time!

Inside Wrestling Magazine
Hello again wrestling fans. I just finished reading the June issue of Inside Wrestling Magazine. They had an article called The 20 Greatest Wrestling Factions of All-Time! I really enjoyed the article because I am a big fan of factions. If you follow these wrestling groups you will find that many of their members became top wrestling superstars, after the group is dismantle. Let’s pick apart one of the factions on the list, The Alliance. The members in this group read like a Wrestling All-stars team; Steve Austin, Booker T, RVD, Kurt Angle, DDP, Chavo Guerrero, Billy Kidman and The Dudley Boys, just to new a few. The Alliance was created 2001, for the purposes to taking over the WWE. All of the members were former wrestlers of WCW & ECW. Most of these wrestlers became top superstars in the WWE after their run as Alliance members was over.

The Four Horsemen 
The list named the Four Horsemen as the number one faction in wrestling, and I most agree with list, and in my opinion they were truly the best. When I was seven year old I remember watching the Horsemen taking out The Road Warriors. After being a witness to a cohesive unit like Horsemen beat down one of the most powerful men in wrestling, I became an instant wrestling fan for life. The leader and champion was Ric Flair. The enforcer or the muscle was Arn Anderson. The Technical wrestlers were Tully Blanchard and Ole Anderson. The Manager of the group was J.J. Dillon. These men worked together for one objective, which was to keep the World title on Ric Flair and capture all the gold in the NWA.

CM Punk
There was one faction that was featured on this list, which I didn’t agree with. The NEXUS was ranked number seven on the list, but they haven’t existed for too long and I haven’t seen them make a big impact on wrestling. With all that being said, if this list should ever be reprinted in the near future I may agree with NEXUS seventh place ranking because CM Punk is the new leader of the NEXUS and I am expecting huge things from this new faction.
Legion of Doom
This article is also very informative. Legion of Doom was a faction that was lead by Paul Ellering in Georgia Championship Wrestling. The members were Jake Roberts, King Kong Bundy, The Iron Sheik and The Road Warriors. The Road Warriors used the name L.O.D while they wrestled in the WWE.

-Written by Harrington Bayas
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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Tough Enough Episode Seven

WWE’s reality TV series, Tough Enough just got interesting. Martin Casaus, who in my opinion was a lock to win the WWE contract, was forced to leave the competition due to an ankle injury. Steve Austin allowed him to place his own title on the wall, as a sign of respect. This proved that the trainers and Austin believed he was one of the front runners to win the competition. As the show ended we saw Christina Crawford attempting to hit A.J. Kirsch with a double axe handle, she injured her ankle in the process. I’m not sure if Christina is returning next week, but it looks like we maybe down to four.

-written by Harrington Bayas
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Sunday, May 15, 2011


Mexican America (Hernandez & Anarquia with TNA Knock Out Tag Team Champions, Sarita and Rosita) vs. Ink, Inc. (Shannon Moore & Jesse Neal) Winners –Mexican America
Brian Kendrick vs. Robbie E. (w/Cookie) - Winner – Brian Kendrick
TNA Knockout Championship Match –Knockout Champion Mickie James vs. Madison Rayne - if Mickie wins, Tara is free from Rayne contract- Winner is Mickie James
X Division Championship Match – X Division Champion Kazarian vs. Max Buck- Winner is - Kazarian
Abyss vs. Crimson – Winner is Crimson
TNA Tag Team Championship Match- Tag Champions Beer Money (James Storm & Robert Roode) vs. “Cold Blooded “Matt Hardy & “Wild Cat” Chris Harris – Winner is Beer Money
No DQ match -A.J. Styles vs. Tommy Dreamer - Winner is Tommy Dreamer
Mixed tag match - Jeff Jarrett & Karen Jarrett vs. Kurt Angel & Chyna – Winners are Kurt & Chyna .Chyna used the pedigree on Karen, Chyna finally got the win with the Anklelock.  
TNA World Heavyweight Championship Match – Rob Van Dam vs. TNA Champion Sting – Winner is Sting

Rumor Mill May 15, 2011

-Rumor has it Scott Steiner will not be at tonight's TNA Sacrifice pay-per-view to wrestle Matt Morgan.
- Karen Jarrett injures her ankle in a fall at her and Jeff Jarrett's home. The storyline injury will prevent her from wrestling at tonight's Sacrifice pay-per-view with Jeff in the match against Chyna and Kurt Angle.
- The original person for Kurt Angle’s mistress was former WWE NXT Lindsay “Alosia” Hayward. She is also known as Isis the Amazon.
Lindsay "Alosia" Hayward

These are rumors that may or may not be true

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Christian should bring back "Captain Charisma"

I just wanted to talk a little about last Friday Night SmackDown. It was actually a pretty good show. The WWE still needs a big heel to go against the main baby face, Randy Orton. With that being said, I truly believe and I'm wishing that Christian brings back his "Captain Charisma" character and become SmackDown main heel. I was praying that Christian would turn his back on Orton at the end of their tag team match against Mark Henry and Sheamus. I was disappointed that he didn’t. I was also really disappointed that Christian lost the title after his victory at Extreme Rules. For some reason Orton is a big deal. Christian has worked his ass off to get where he got and they decide to let Orton carry the title. That's just ridiculous. I believe it's Christian's time. Yes I am a “Peeps”.

Sin Cara

On the other hand, I think the match between Sin Cara and Daniel Bryan was the best match of the night. Even though his finisher is a rip-off of The S.A.T's (Spanish Announce Team) "Spanish Fly", everyone seems to love it but any wrestling fan who follows the Indy scene would know that. The match was still awesome with Bryan showing some more intensity, playing the "heel" in the match and making Sin Cara look good. Cody Rhodes and Ted DiBiase had a good match as well. I like the "Dashing Cody Rhodes" persona better, but I'm digging his "Deformed Cody Rhodes" character. I think it's hilarious.

The Corre

The Corre was better when they were Nexus, but keeping The Corre as a trio with Wade Barrett, Justin Gabriel and Heath Slater makes more sense to me and it just looks better. Ezekiel Jackson being part of The Corre kind of made no sense. So like I mentioned earlier, SmackDown needs a top heel. Sheamus and Mark Henry are good heels, but as "top heel," I don’t think they can draw money like Randy Orton vs. Christian. So please Christian, bring back “Captain Charisma” and throw Orton off his high horse.

-Written by Ernesto Heleno Jr.
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Mick Foley

Hello again wrestling fans, last week I met one of my favorite wrestler of all time, Mick Foley. In my opinion Foley is one of the creators of the Attitude Era. He had so many wild matches in Japan, WCW and ECW. It’s hard to single out which match was best.
Cactus Jack
Mick Foley was trained in Dominic DeNucci’s wrestling school. He made his wrestling debut in 1983. He had many names throughout his career, such as Jack Foley and Cactus Jack Manson. Foley wrestled in CWA as Cactus Jack. He made his debut in WCW in 1991. During a match with Vader in Germany, Foley lost two-thirds of his ear, while performing the hangman maneuver. In order to perform this maneuver he placed his head between the top and middle rope, then he flipped himself over and mimic a man being hung. The ropes were too tight and as the referee pushed his head down he lost part of his ear. He had an opportunity to get his ear repaired, but he refused to fly back to the States. Instead he stood in Germany and wrestled for the WCW Tag Team titles. Foley proved that he was one of the toughest men in wrestling, and won the titles with Kevin Sullivan as his partner.


Mick Foley joined the WWE in 1996 as Mankind, and began a feud with the Undertaker. The Hell in a Cell match between Mick Foley and The Undertaker was remarkable. In this match Foley executed two huge bumps that proved he was a Hardcore Legend.  During the match the Undertaker and Foley were brawling on top of the cell. The Undertaker threw him from a height of 16 feet and sent him crashing down on to the Spanish announcers’ table. Later in the match both men were back on top of the cage. The Undertaker chokeslammed Foley and the section of the cell gave way. He landed in the ring and a chair that was on top of the cell came crashing down on his face. After all this mayhem the Undertaker won the match, but Foley rose from wrestling in the mid-card to the main event.


I remember the night Mick Foley won the WWE Heavyweight championship, like it was yesterday. I was watching Monday Nitro, just like every wrestling fan was doing at the time. During the show Tony Schiavone told us that Mankind will win the WWE title on Monday Night Raw, by defeating the Rock. I changed the channel in order to witness a boyhood dream come true. I was so proud of Foley and the WWE, for finally having a Mid-card wrestler become the top wrestler for the company. This changed my attitude towards the WWE and I started to watch the Monday Night Raw more often.

Dude Love
-Written by Harrington Bayas
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The votes are in and our fans have spoken

Who should be John Cena next opponent?

Alberto Del Rio

That was the question I asked a couple of weeks ago, and the fans response was Alberto Del Rio with 57% of the votes. The WWE has it all wrong.  The fans don’t want to see The Miz vs. Cena; they want Alberto Del Rio in the main event match at Over the Limit. The Miz and CM punk had 42% of the fans votes, in our poll. The Miz popularity with the fans and main stream media, will keep him in the spot light for a while. Alberto will feud with Rey Mysterio and I don’t see him getting a title shot until a couple of month from now, hopefully at SummerSlam.

Dos Caras Jr.
A lberto Del Rio genetics are what make him so great. He comes from a wrestling family that achieved greatness in Mexico. His father was Dos Caras; his uncles are Mil Máscaras and El Sicodélico. In Mexico, Alberto wrestled as Dos Cara Jr. and became a top superstar in Mexico. He captured the CMLL World Heavyweight Championship in 2007, by defeating Universo 2000. I really believe that he will become World Champion sooner than anyone expects.  The WWE is in need of a top heel and Alberto Del Rio fit the part perfect. Do we really want to see R-Truth carry the WWE Heavyweight Championship, I don’t think so.

Dos Caras, Mil Máscaras and El Sicodélico

Dos Caras Jr.


-Written by Harrington Bayas
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The Rumor Mill - May 11, 2011

SmackDown results

-Trevor Murdoch wrestled a dark match during the SmackDown taping. Sin Cara defeated Daniel Bryan, Kane Defeated Wade Barrett, and Randy Orton & Christian defeated Sheamus & Mark Henry.
-Shane ‘Gregory’ Helms is recovering in a hospital after a motorcycle accident.
-I read rumors of Batista and Chris Jericho coming back to WWE. I totally understand why WWE is bringing them back. They need wrestling superstars of their caliber to put over the young stars; this will give creditability to WWE roster.  In my opinion Chris is a great heel, I enjoy all of his matches and I really think he can make the WWE Heavyweight Championship look good.
Chris Jericho


These are rumors that may or may not be true

Friday, May 13, 2011

Picture of the Week

This is one of three characters Chareles Wright protrayed while in the WWE, Can you name the others two.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Tough Enough Episode Six

This week on WWE Tough Enough, we saw two competitors go home. Ivelisse Velez was sent home because of the injury she suffered while working the ropes, during episode five.  Christina Crawford missed a leapfrog and landed on her head, causing the injury. The Puerto Rican native wrestled for six years in the independent circuits. She is the most experience female competitor in this competition. Steve Austin sent Ivelisse home because she was unable to perform at her full potential. The second person sent home, was Eric Watts. The 6’5” California Native never stood a chance in any of the challenges, because he wasn’t in top physical shape. In my opinion, Eric was the most unprepared competitor on Tough Enough and he should have been sent home earlier. Eric may have had the look of pro wrestler, but he didn’t have the heart and skills to become a WWE Superstar.

-Written by Harrington Bayas

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Monday, May 9, 2011

Tough Enough Episode Five

Hello again wrestling fans. On Tough Enough we saw Luke Robinson, go into the bottom three for the first time. He was seen by the trainers and the host Stone Cold Steve Austin as a person that doesn’t work well with others. In order to have a good wrestling match you have to make your opponent look good as well. Martin won the weeks challenge for the third time making him the top contender for that WWE Contract. Booker T put Ryan in his place, after feeling disrespected while he was talking. Ryan ‘Skidmarks’ Howe was in the bottom three once again, but this time he couldn’t convince Steve Austin to keep him on Tough enough.

-Written by Harrington Bayas
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Saturday, May 7, 2011

Mick Foley in New York City

Mick Foley

Hello again wrestling fans. My family and I just met Mick Foley at Royal Collectibles in Queens, New York. Mick was great, he gave us conversation and I was really impressed with his interaction with his fans. He liked the fact that we had the Jakks Pacific classic superstars limited edition, three pack series autographed by Terry Funk and Sabu. It was finally completed his Cactus Jack’s signature. We also had our Undisputed Championship belt signed, which he suggested should only be signed by the elite wrestling superstars.

Mick Foley & The Wrestling Fans Review

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