Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Tough Enough


Tough Enough aired this past Monday night on the USA Network.   For those who don’t know, Tough Enough is a reality series about 14 contestants who train and live under one roof, whose ultimate gold is  to win a WWE contract.  The 14 contestants will be trained by former WWE superstars, Booker T, Bill Demott, and Trish Status. The host and judge of Tough Enough is Stone Cold Steve Austin.  Wrestling fans can actually see what a wrestler goes through in order to entertain the fans on nightly bases. In the premier episode we saw the contestants run the ropes for three minutes without stopping, Stone cold and the trainers picked the worst three participants that performed the challenge. After Steve Austin questions the three competitors on why should they stay in the completion, one of them was sent home. Ariane Andrew a 23 year old California native was the first person sent home. She was asked by Steve Austin, which is her favorite match of all time; she answered Melina vs. Alicia Fox. The answer drove Stone Cold crazy.  Austin was right in sending her home; she has no sense of wrestling history.  There are so many unforgettable matches in Pro-wrestling history, and Ariane named Melina vs. Alicia Fox. This is the fourth season of Tough Enough. I understand that a version of Tough Enough was also aired on SmackDown, but it wasn’t the same format. Tough Enough will air on Monday nights on the USA Network at 8pm.

Ariane Andrew
Tough Enough Season One - winners were Maven Huffman (better Known as Maven) and Nidia Guenard (better Known as Nidia)

Tough Enough Season Two - winners were Linda Miles (better Known as Linda) and Jackie Gayda (better Known as Miss Jackie)

Miss Jackie
Tough Enough Season Three - winners were Matt Cappotelli and John Hennigan (better Known as John Morrison)

John Morrison

Matt Cappotelli

Written by, Harrington Bayas and The Wrestling Fans Review.


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