Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Tough Enough Episode Three

Last Monday night on WWE Tough Enough, two competitors left the show. Michelle Deighton a 25-year-old independent wrestler (off-n-on) from Indiana left on her own. She realized the she ‘wasn’t tough enough to be a Diva, but she is tough enough to be mom’. Michelle missed her daughter she realized that been a mother was more important than becoming a WWE Diva. She was not going to make it anyway. The second person to leave Tough Enough was Mickael Zaki a 26-year-old, unemployed, Jersey City, New Jersey native. The competitors went through a drill called chain of command were Mickael was the second participant; he gave a wild suplex to A.J. Kirsch. He lack technique in the ring and looked awful during the exercise. He was in the bottom three with Ryan Howe* and Rima Fakih*, and took on Ryan in a promo competition, in which he failed miserably.  Before they met Stone Cold Steve Austin in the ring, Mickael took Ryan’s bed out of the room because he believed he wasn’t coming home that night. A wise man once told me ‘bad thing happen to bad people’ and that’s called karma, B**ch.
 *Second time in the bottom three

Mickael Zaki

Michelle Deighton

Written by Harrington Bayas and The Wrestling Fans Review


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