Thursday, April 21, 2011

These Are 15 Fun Facts About Wrestling Part Four

The Undertaker

1 Undertaker and Kane held WWE Championship, they were co-Champion.
2 Booker T held the WCW world title and US title at the same time.
3 Shawn Michaels is a Grand Slam Champion and a Triple Crown winner in the WWE. By holding the WWE title, World title, IC title, Euro Title, and Tag Team title.
4 Booker T is also a Grand Slam Champion in the WWE  and WCW by holding - WWE World title, IC title, WWE US title, Tag Team Title and WCW World Title, WCW US title, WCW TV title, WCW Tag Team title.
5 Booker T was Triple Crown Winner in the WWE and WCW by winning three of the major titles in each organization. 
6 Jake ‘The Snake” Roberts invented the DDT.
7 Triple H has held the WWE Championship the most ever. (8 times)
8 The Sandman has held the ECW World Title the most. (5 times)
9 Rob Van Dam is a Triple Crown winner in ECW and WWE, by winning three of the major titles in each organization.
10 Owen Hart has won the tag team titles three times in three different WrestleMania and with three different partners.
11 The Ultimate Warrior held the WWE Championship title and the Intercontinental Championship title, at the same time.
12 WrestleMania 2 was the first and only WrestleMania to be held in 3 different places.
13 Rene Dupree is youngest wrestler to win a championship title at the age of 19.
14 Jerry “The King” Lawler has held over 164 championships titles, but has never held a title in the WWE.
15 Roddy Piper held only two WWE championship titles, the Intercontinental title and the Tag Team title w. Ric Flair. (He won the tag team titles at the age of 51)


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