Monday, April 4, 2011

These are 15 fun facts about Wrestling.

1)     Randy Orton is the youngest champion, at 24 years old
2)     Fabulous Moolah is the longest reigning Champion ever
3)     Rey Mysterio is the smallest champion
4)     Andre the Giant was undefeated for 15 years
5)     Chris Jericho has held the Intercontinental championship the most at 9 times
6)     Mick Foley never beat Jericho
7)     Jericho has never been injured
8)     Ric Flair has never been injured
9)     Chyna was the first women to win the Intercontinental championship
10) Shane Douglas was the first Extreme Championship Wrestling (ECW) champion
11) Santino has the shortest Royal Rumble time
12) Kane has the most eliminations at Royal Rumble
13) Honky Tonk Man is the longest reigning Intercontinental champion
14) WrestleMania 4 & 5 was held in Trump Plaza twice in a row
15) Bruno Sammartino has held the WWE (WWWF) championship the longest, 8 years

If you have any more fun fact to add, leave a comment


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