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Daffney in New York City

The Wrestling Universe
Hello again wrestling fans. My family and I met Daffney at the Wrestling Universe. She was very nice; she brought her own promotional pictures and T-Shirts. Daffney signed a promo picture for us and posed for a group photo. We printed the group shot and she also signed that picture. The price for Daffney’s autograph was reasonable.
TNA Knockout Daffney

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Carlito in New York City

The Wrestling Universe
Hello again wrestling fans. My family and I just met Carlito at the Wrestling Universe. He was an awesome person to meet; he gave us conversation and answered all of our questions. Like always, The Wrestling Universe pricing was great and the line was handled in an orderly fashion. My family and I had ample time with Carlito; he signed three pictures, an action figure and he also posed for a group photo.  We went into a CVS and got the photo develop in to an 8x10 instant print. Carlito also signed our group photo, now “That’s Cool”. Watch our YouTube video.
For our wrestling fans in Germany that can’t view us on YouTube, use the link below to like us on facebook and view our most recent video for Carlito autographic signing event, in New York City.

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-Written by Harrington Bayas.
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Friday, April 29, 2011

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

These are the final Draft picks

Raw gets;
Drew Mcintyre
Curt Hawkins
Chris Masters
Tyler Reks
Beth Phoenix
Kelly Kelly
Kofi Kingston

SmackDown gets;
The Great Khali
Jimmy Uso
Jey Uso
William Regal
Yoshi Tatsu
Alicia Fox
Tyson Kidd
Ted DiBiase
Alex Riley

Carlito and Daffney at the Wrestling Universe

Hello again wrestling fans. This weekend my family and I will be attending another autograph event at the Wrestling Universe in Flushing, New York. The Wrestling Universe is the best store for anything and everything, Pro –Wrestling. I really enjoy going to their autograph events, because you’re never rushed and their pricing is very affordable.
We are going to meet former WWE superstar Carlito (Carlos Edwin Col√≥n, Jr.) and former WCW & TNA superstar Daffney. This will be our third time meeting Carlito and he has always been great. Meeting Daffney for the first time will be cool.  A bio on Carlito will follow and the recap of the event.


-Written by Harrington Bayas
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Supplemental Draft picks

SmackDown picks:
The US Champion Sheamus and Daniel Bryan are heading to SmackDown.
Raw picks:
Jack Swagger and Alex Riley, they are on their way to Raw.

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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

The Draft picks for Raw

Draft picks for Monday Night Raw: Rey Mysterio, Big Show, Alberto Del Rio and John Cena?
So they replace the new young up-in-comer luchador Sin Cara, with the legend luchador Rey Mysterio. A lot of people underestimate Rey Mysterio, but you have to understand that he's a legend when it comes to Mexican Lucha Libre and especially the high flying style we see today. We have to admit that Mysterio is older and cannot do those same high flying moves he used to do back in the 90's, in ECW and WCW. Sin Cara has some big shoes to fill right now, but Rey Mysterio on Raw is cool with me.
I gained a lot of respect for the Big Show. He is definitely the best "Big man" wrestler in the business and the most athletic. Like Rey Mysterio, he's so over with the fans that belts and titles, don’t really matter. You can’t go wrong with Big Show
His name is Alberto Del Rio, but of course you already knew that. I'm excited to see the future of the WWE, on Monday Night Raw. His charisma is great and his in-ring ability is good as well. He definitely has what it takes to be a top heel in the business. Del Rio on Raw will only strengthen his career.
John Cena on Raw? Wait... WHAT? WHY? Why would he be drafted twice? What was the whole point of that? That was a big "F U" to the Raw fans who wanted him gone and to the SmackDown fans who wanted to see him on Friday nights. It was just unnecessary, to tease everyone like that.
Well, those were my thoughts on the 2011 WWE Draft. I just hope WWE knows what they're doing. I would love to read your thoughts on the draft picks.

-Written by Ernesto Heleno Jr.
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The Draft picks for SmackDown

I have a lot on my mind, about the WWE Draft picks, last night on Monday Night Raw. I just want to add, that whenever I have the chance to watch SmackDown, I watch it, but hands down I'm a Raw fan.
Draft picks for Friday Night SmackDown: John Cena, Randy Orton, Mark Henry and Sin Cara.
I personally believe John Cena is the new Hulk Hogan. Instead of "say your prayers" and "taking your vitamins," it's "Hustle, Loyalty, and Respect." The biggest difference is that Hulk Hogan can appeal to fans of all ages and genders and John Cena, of course does not. John Cena's charisma is great but he was better when he was a heel. With that being said, I'm happy he gets drafted into SmackDown where I don’t have to see much of him.
I believe Randy Orton is the new Stone Cold Steve Austin. Instead of "The Rattlesnake" it’s "The Viper." The RKO is a modified Stone Cold Stunner. I can’t deny that he's a good in-ring performer but I just can’t buy into him being a top guy. So I'm extremely happy he's heading to SmackDown.
Mark Henry will always be Mark Henry. I still cannot see him as a top guy. I'm sorry but I can’t. Maybe turning him heel on SmackDown will bring out some charisma.
I'm really disappointed that Sin Cara was drafted into SmackDown. I was excited to see him perform on Raw. My only problem is that he has made a couple of mistakes in his first match against Primo. Maybe they needed him on SmackDown so they'll be able to edit his matches to make him look good and give him the push that they want for him.


-Written by Ernesto Heleno Jr.
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Well, those were my thoughts on the 2011 WWE Draft. I just hope WWE knows what they're doing. I would love to read your thoughts on the draft picks.

Tough Enough Episode Four

In the being of Tough Enough we saw the ten contestants have an agility test, where Luke Robinson and Jeremiah Riggs were above the rest of competitors. What a big surprise. One of contestants that stood out during the test was Martin Casaus, but the wrost competitor was Eric Watts, I really don’t understand why they keep this guy around. Martin Casaus beat out Luke Robinson in this week’s challenge, because Luke didn’t want to put Martin over. Martin has won the last two challenges, in a row.  Rima Fakih, Miss USA, was sent home, because she didn’t show any improvement after a late night training section with Bill DeMott. I am sorry to see her leave, but I love to watch her walk away. You can watch our video recap in You Tube.
Rima Fakih

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Monday, April 25, 2011

WWE Draft Results - John Cena is back on Raw.

Raw won the last Draft pick of the night, and it was John Cena, why, why, why? The Miz won the match that brought John Cena back on Raw. I guess my dream didn’t come true, but my nightmare will continue.

WWE Draft Results - Alberto Del Rio is now on Raw

Alberto Del Rio is the latest member of Raw. Alberto is the man I hand pick to bring the Real World Championship title back to Raw. I predicate Alberto Del Rio will defeat Christian, on this Sunday night’s pay-per-view, Extreme Rules.Rey Mysterio won this Draft pick by defeating Wade Barrett.

WWE Draft Results - The Big Show is now on Raw

The two times WWE Champion, Big Show, is now part of Raw. What will happen to the Tag Team titles? Only time will tell. Rey Mysterio won two Draft picks for Raw by defeating Wade Barrett.

WWE Draft Results - Mark Henry and Sin Cara are now part SmackDown

The fourth and fifth Draft pick are Mark Henry and Sin Cara, they are heading to SmackDown. Randy Orton won two Draft picks, for his new brand, by defeating Dolph Ziggler via a RKO.

WWE Draft Results - Randy Orton is Heading to SmackDown

The third Draft pick was Randy Orton, and he is heading to SmackDown. The Viper is a former World Champion and a six time WWE Champion, that will bring credibility to the SmackDown brand. Kofi Kingston won the SmackDown Draft pick by defeating Sheamus in a singles match.

WWE Draft Results - Rey Mysterio is Heading to Raw

The second Draft pick was Rey Mysterio, and he is heading to Raw. Rey Mysterio is a two time World Champion that brings his high flying action to the Raw brand. Eve Torres won a Raw Draft pick, by beating Layla in a singles match. There was plenty of action after the match, when Layla takes out Michelle McCool.   

WWE Draft Results - The First Draft Pick, Is John Cena

SmackDown gets the first Draft pick, and it’s John Cena. My dream has come true; thanks to The Big Show and Kofi Kingston winning the Battle Rayol. When John Cena was interviewed back stage he claims that he will win the WWE Championship and take to SmackDown. This will be the first time that I will root for Cena, I want him to take that cartoon title and bring back the real world title to Raw.

WWE Draft

Tonight on WWE Raw, we are going to see the Draft. I really can't wait, I am hoping John Cena gets drafted to SmackDown!

Sunday, April 24, 2011

WWE Tough Enough host Stone Cold Steve Austin

'Stunnig' Steve Austin
Stone Cold Steve Austin is the host of the WWE Tough Enough, but many young WWE fans don’t remember the real Texas Rattlesnake. Steve Austin started wrestling in the early 90’s as ‘Stunning’ Steve Austin, in WCW. He became the WCW Television Champion as soon as he joined the company and also joined Paul E. Dangerously’s (Paul Heyman), Dangerous Alliance. The Stable members were Rick Rude, Arn Anderson, Larry Zbyszko, and Bobby Eaton. The Dangerous Alliance had a great run in the company, but the group was separated early 1993, leaving Austin as single competitor for awhile.

New Tag Team Champions

Last Friday night on SmackDown, Kane and the Big Show won the WWE Tag Team championship for the second time.  The Big Show throws Justin Gabriel, over the top rope, onto Ezekiel Jackson, and then turns his attention to Health Slater. The Big Show chokeslamed him for the one, two, and three.

Written by Harrington Bayas and The Wrestling Fans Review
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Thursday, April 21, 2011

These Are 15 Fun Facts About Wrestling Part Four

The Undertaker

1 Undertaker and Kane held WWE Championship, they were co-Champion.
2 Booker T held the WCW world title and US title at the same time.
3 Shawn Michaels is a Grand Slam Champion and a Triple Crown winner in the WWE. By holding the WWE title, World title, IC title, Euro Title, and Tag Team title.
4 Booker T is also a Grand Slam Champion in the WWE  and WCW by holding - WWE World title, IC title, WWE US title, Tag Team Title and WCW World Title, WCW US title, WCW TV title, WCW Tag Team title.
5 Booker T was Triple Crown Winner in the WWE and WCW by winning three of the major titles in each organization. 
6 Jake ‘The Snake” Roberts invented the DDT.
7 Triple H has held the WWE Championship the most ever. (8 times)
8 The Sandman has held the ECW World Title the most. (5 times)
9 Rob Van Dam is a Triple Crown winner in ECW and WWE, by winning three of the major titles in each organization.
10 Owen Hart has won the tag team titles three times in three different WrestleMania and with three different partners.
11 The Ultimate Warrior held the WWE Championship title and the Intercontinental Championship title, at the same time.
12 WrestleMania 2 was the first and only WrestleMania to be held in 3 different places.
13 Rene Dupree is youngest wrestler to win a championship title at the age of 19.
14 Jerry “The King” Lawler has held over 164 championships titles, but has never held a title in the WWE.
15 Roddy Piper held only two WWE championship titles, the Intercontinental title and the Tag Team title w. Ric Flair. (He won the tag team titles at the age of 51)

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Tough Enough Episode Three

Last Monday night on WWE Tough Enough, two competitors left the show. Michelle Deighton a 25-year-old independent wrestler (off-n-on) from Indiana left on her own. She realized the she ‘wasn’t tough enough to be a Diva, but she is tough enough to be mom’. Michelle missed her daughter she realized that been a mother was more important than becoming a WWE Diva. She was not going to make it anyway. The second person to leave Tough Enough was Mickael Zaki a 26-year-old, unemployed, Jersey City, New Jersey native. The competitors went through a drill called chain of command were Mickael was the second participant; he gave a wild suplex to A.J. Kirsch. He lack technique in the ring and looked awful during the exercise. He was in the bottom three with Ryan Howe* and Rima Fakih*, and took on Ryan in a promo competition, in which he failed miserably.  Before they met Stone Cold Steve Austin in the ring, Mickael took Ryan’s bed out of the room because he believed he wasn’t coming home that night. A wise man once told me ‘bad thing happen to bad people’ and that’s called karma, B**ch.
 *Second time in the bottom three

Mickael Zaki

Michelle Deighton

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Total Nonstop Action (TNA)

I have to admit, I'm not a big TNA (Total Nonstop Action) fan. I used to be, when it first started. When I first heard about TNA, I was introduced to the genre of X-Division, which I loved. AJ Styles, Christopher Daniels, Petey Williams, The Motor City Machine Guns - Alex Shelly and Chris Sabin, just to name a few. Whenever you saw any one of those guys in the ring together, you know you were in for some total nonstop action, pun intended. But of course with Hulk Hogan and Eric Bischoff writing and producing, etc. we have ourselves WCW Version 2. It's back to having the old guys in the spotlight. Whenever I put on TNA, all I see is Hulk Hogan, Eric Bischoff, and no offense to two of my all time favorite wrestlers Sting and Ric Flair. I'm sorry guys but your time has passed, it’s now time for the new generation and that's what Hulk Hogan can’t understand. Yes, I know guys like AJ Styles, Jeff Hardy, Rob Van Dam, Mr. Anderson, Kaz, Abyss (the poor-man's Kane), Samoa Joe, etc. are young guys that are in the spotlight and are getting their push to the top, but it's still some way around Hulk Hogan, Eric Bischoff, Ric Flair and Sting. I may be wrong or out of line, maybe they're there to help the young guys climb the ladder to the top, I just think TNA broke away from what it used to be and what made them popular. It became another WCW, and I personally believe it's the wrong way to go. As you can see, one by one the older guys are starting to leave WWE. Shawn Michaels retired, Undertaker shows up randomly or for WrestleMania, Edge retired, Triple H is now backstage as an executive producer. The WWE is now depending on the young guys to do a good job. Yes, WWE is now PG, which I hate, but I still think they're heading in the right direction. They broke away from the celebrity guest host of Monday Night Raw, and I believe it's starting to slowly build up into a better show. TNA is TV-14 and that is better but I think the whole Mr. Anderson being an "asshole" gimmick is just TNA trying hard to be more mature than WWE. The way TNA uses the "asshole" gimmick, is cheesy. Of course, these are just my opinion. I'd love to hear what other people think of TNA, please leave a comment. Thank you!

Written by Ernesto Heleno Jr. and The Wrestling Fans Review

ECW (Extreme Championship Wrestling ) Part Two

The night Wrestling became Extreme.

Hello again wrestling fans. Ernesto Heleno wrote an article on missing the ECW (Extreme Championship Wrestling) style and I must agree that a different style of wrestling was exciting. I recall staying up until 2 am to watch the show, the one person that stood out to me was “The Franchise” Shane Douglas. He was the main reason why I watched the show. The Franchise gave great promos that made me want to attend live events. He was a great champion and he held the top two titles for single competitors in ECW. He formed a stable called the Triple Threat, with “No Gimmick Needed” Chris Candido, “The Beast from the East” Bam Bam Bigelow and Francine. As of matter of fact Shane, started the extreme movement, by crowning himself the new ECW World Heavyweight champion, on August 27, 1994. I remember that night like it was yesterday, he cut a perfect promo that made history, by denouncing the National Wrestling Alliance (NWA) World Heavyweight title. I respect all titles from all the wrestling organizations, but what he did that night made me a true fan of The Franchise. Here is the back story for what happen on that night. ECW was member of the National Wrestling Alliance, which means they were a wrestling territory for the NWA. ECW had a champion, but only recognized the NWA title as World Heavyweight Championship. On that night, Paul Heyman, Tod Gordon and Shane Douglas where the only people that knew he was going to denounce the NWA title and that ECW was going to separate themselves from NWA. This is a clip of the promo Shane gave that night.

*Note the first members of the Triple Threat were Chris Benoit and Dean Malenko.

Written by Harrington Bayas and The Wrestling Fans Review

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Bret "Hitman" Hart in Staten Island, New York

Bret Hart
Hello again wrestling fans. On March 16, 2011 I met Bert Hart for a second time. My brother and I met Bert during Ringside fest 2007, at Caroline, in New York City. Ringside fest was awesome; we met the members of the Hart Foundation, Jim “The Anvil” Neidhart, “The Mouth of the South “Jimmy Hart and Bret “Hitman” Hart. Last Saturday my family and I went to Staten Island, it was a cold and rainy day. It took us a 45 min to get there and when you add the tolls, it cost us $30.00. The autograph event was schedule for 1 pm, and we arrived at the location around 1:26 pm. I thought surely there weren’t any tickets available. When we entered the Bistro to purchase our tickets, we were told that Bret was running late. The promoters numbered their tickets and call each fan in numerical order to get their autographs. One hour later Bret finally arrived at the venue, now we just had 143 people ahead of us. Everything went downhill when our number was called. My family and I have been attending many autograph signings and we have never been rush like this. There was this one guy, I guess he was a security guard, he was yelling at the fans to “move it along” and he was just downright rude. When we finally got to Bret Hart, he looked tired. He signed two pictures for me and posed for a group photo. Bret did mention he like the group picture, we took together in 2007 that was basically it. We shot our first video for You Tube, it was hosted by Carolyn Bayas & Cristina M. Bayas, and they both gave their opinions on the Bret Hart autograph event, now it’s my turn: I was happy with the outcome. Being a lifelong wrestling fan, having a piece of wrestling memorabilia signed and posing for a picture with one of the greatest wrestler of the sport, brings me joy.
The Wrestling Fans Review & Bret Hart

Written by Harrington Bayas and The Wrestling Fans Review.

Saturday, April 16, 2011

New Divas champion

Last Monday night, on Raw, we witness the crowning of a new Divas Champion, Brie Bella. Before the start of the match the former champion, Eve Torres attempted to outsmart the Bella Twins by marking, Brie Bella, with an X on her hand. During the match the twins wanted to steal a victory by using “Twin Magic”. The referee realized the switch was made; he then forced Nikki Bella, out of the ring. As Eve turns her attention towards Nikki’s interference, Brie prepares to hit, Eve with the Bella Buster a version of a Sitout Facebuster. Brie covers her for the one, two, and three. I can assure you that the new Divas Champion is in a world of trouble when Awesome Kong enters the WWE ring. Kong is a one-woman wrecking crew. She is going to take out the Divas one by one and become the new Divas champion.



Written by Harrington Bayas and The Wrestling Fans Review.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Bret Hart’s wrestling bio

Bret Hart

Hello again wrestling fans, as I promised, here is Bret Hart’s wrestling bio.

The Hart Foundation
Bret Hart was born into the most famous family in Pro-wrestling history, the Hart’s.  He was trained in the Hart family dungeon by his promoter and father, Stu Hart, in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. Bret Hart joined his father’s wrestling promotion named Stampede Wrestling. He won numerous titles while in the promotion. The WWF (WWE) purchased Stampede Wrestling, in the 80’s from Stu Hart. Bret joined his brother in law Jim “The Anvil” Neidhart and formed The Hart Foundation, which are consider one of the best tag teams in wrestling history. They held the WWE tag team title only twice, but their title reign didn’t make them great.  The wrestling feuds between, The British Bulldogs, Legion of Doom (Road Warriors), Demolition, The Rockers, and The Nasty Boys, made them tag team icons.

Bret Hart
Bret also made his mark as a single competitor. He became Intercontinental Champion twice, by defeating Mr. Perfect and Rowdy Roddy Piper. His first WWE Championship was won, on October 12, 1992, you may ask why do I remember this date, it’s simple, he defeated my all time favorite wrestler “The Nature Boy” Ric Flair. Bret held the WWE title five times while in the WWE. Now we come to the biggest event in his career the Montreal Screw-Job. Let’s lay all the cards on the table, Bret Hart had already signed a contract with WCW, was also schedule to face Shawn Michaels at Survivor Series and appear on WCW Nitro a week later. I love the history of Pro-Wrestling and this why I am making the following statement. Throughout the history of pro-wrestling no wrestler has ever left their wrestling territory as champion to join another territory. Why should Bret be any different? (Canadian readers please don’t crucify me)Let me explain why Bret couldn’t take that title to WCW, on one episode of Monday Nitro the WWE women’s Champion Medusa, throw her title in a trash can. We all believe that Bret Hart would never do such a dastardly act.  If WCW got their hands on that title, they would be able to claim that they had the Undisputed or the un-beaten WWE Champion on their roster. This would have changed the landscape of Pro-wrestling. And that’s all I am going to say about that!

Bret Hart & Bill Bill Goldberg
Let’s continue the history lesson on wrestling. Bret was considered a baby face during the beginning of his WCW career, he then later turned heel when he helped Hulk Hogan defeat Randy “Macho Man” Savage, thus becoming a member of the NWO. His first Championship in WCW was the United States Championship; he held this title five times. He also held the WCW Tag Team Title with Bill Goldberg. Bret Became a WCW champion twice, before his wrestling career came to an end. During a match with Bill Goldberg, Bret suffered a severe concussion. He continued to wrestle for nine more months until his body couldn’t handle it anymore, and he suffered a major stroke. Bret Hart battled back from all of these challenges and returned to wrestling, but not as an active wrestler, but as a GM on Raw. Bret was inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame in 2006. Now he can truly say he is the best there was, the best there is and the best there ever will be.
The Hart Foundation

Written by Harrington Bayas and The Wresting Fans Review.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Bret “The Hitman” Hart is coming to New York

Bret Hart
Hello again wrestling fans, I have some exciting news for you, Bret “The Hitman” Hart is coming to New York.  Bert will be making a special appearance at Hylan Bistro in Staten Island, New York On April 16, 2011 from 1pm to 4pm for info go to Bret hart bio coming soon…

These are 15 fun facts about wrestling part three

1 Chris Benoit won the WCW World Heavyweight Championship and next day he quit to join WWF.
2 Chris Benoit was the second champion to leave their wrestling organization to join another as champion.
3 Medusa was the first Champion to leave their wrestling organization to join another as Champion.
4 Medusa was the only Champion to ever through her WWF women’s title in the trash bin on a WCW TV show. (I don’t think she going to the Hall Fame)
5 Kurt Angle was Intercontinental Champion and Eurocontinental champion at the same time.
6 Booker T was the last WCW World Heavyweight Championship, before WWE bought WCW.
7 Booker T was the last WCW United States Champion, before WWE bought WCW.
8 Rhino was the last ECW champion (the company closed down 2001)
9 Chris Jericho and Chyna held the Intercontinental title, they were co-Champion.
10 Terry Funk was the oldest ECW champion at 53 years old
11 Three women held the Hardcore title Trish Stratus, Molly Holly, and Cynthia Lynch (Godfathers Ho)
12 Edge retires as World Champion on 4/11/2011.
13 Rob Van Dam was the only wrestler to hold both the ECW and WWE championship,
14 "Nature Boy" Buddy Rogers was the first WWE (WWWF) Champion.
15 Mike Awesome appeared in WCW as the ECW Champion.

Monday, April 11, 2011

Edge gives the fans a touching fare well

A very emotional Edge retires on Monday Night Raw duo to a neck injury. He had surgery to repair a broken neck early in his career. Edge states he has lost some feeling in his arms and was told by his doctors he should retire.  It seems that Edge wrestled in server pain, but was able to give an excellent match, at WrestleMania 27. He retired as the World Champion, and gave the fans a touching fare well. With a “thank you” Edge leaves Monday Night Raw as a true legend in the WWE.

Written by Harrington Bayas and The Wrestling Fans Review.
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Tough Enough Episode Two

Hello again wrestling fans, last Monday night on Tough Enough Matt Capiccioni was sent home. Matt is a 9 year veteran of the sports, but was unwilling to stand out when given an opportunity. During Monday’s episode Trish Stratus asked him to step into the ring with Luke Robinson, but Luke took his spot light and out worked him. When asked why he shouldn’t be sent home, he flat-out fell on his face. Stone Cold Steve Austin was waiting to hear, I am the next WWE Superstar, but all he can say is I have desire. Where was the desire when he was training with the best in this business?

Written by Harrington Bayas and The Wrestling Fans Review.

Tough Enough is officially my favorite show

Hello fellow followers, I’ve watched wrestling over the years on and off again but most recently I have been watching more WWE.   Well I watched for the first time Tough Enough on the USA network, this is now officially my favorite WWE show.   I have to start off by saying that this show is really intense.   Seeing the way they are being trained makes me change my prospective on wrestling all together.  I always thought of wrestling as a form of sports entertainment but seeing how extreme and how these competitors push their bodies was an eye-opening experience.   I have to give a shot out to Ivelisse Velez, she’s the smallest women competing but in my option the strongest, and most qualified to make it all the way.  She would take bumps and you can tell that it was painful for her but she kept on getting up and never showed in her face the pain her body was enduring.  You can tell that she has the passion, the heart and drive to be a WWE super star. 

Written by Carolyn Bayas and The Wrestling Fans Review.
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Tough Enough Trainer Trish Stratus

Hello again wrestling fans. Now it’s time to write about the sexiest trainer on Tough Enough, Trish Stratus. Trish is a fitness model turned WWE Diva from Toronto, Canada. She is one of the most popular women wrestlers in the WWE and has held the WWE women’s Championship for a record-breaking seven times. She has even held the WWE Hardcore Championship once. Trish Stratus is one of three women who have held this title. She made her WWE debut as a manager of a tag team named T&A (no not TNA), which is composed of the Prince Albert and Test. Trish also managed a single competitor by the name of Val Venis. Trish Stratus helped Val Venis become Intercontinental Champion and T&A became tag team champions, also. She had many feuds in her wrestling career, but the most famous feud and the last one, was against Mickie James. She battle Mickie James at WrestleMania 22 where she lost the Women’s title, and in my opinion handed down the top spot to Mickie James. Her last match took place in her hometown of Toronto, were she beat Lita. All the females’ participants of Tough Enough, should take advantage of the knowledge this WWE legend is teaching them.

Written by, Harrington Bayas and The Wrestling Fans Review.


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