Thursday, March 31, 2011

WrestleMania 27 Press conference

Hello again wrestling fan, my brother and I spent our day on an enormous line in order to enter The WrestleMania 27 Press conference. This was my first experience at an event like this, let me start of by saying it was a cold New York day. My brother made it onto line at about 8am, I made it a short time after that, and there were about 50 people in front of us. We know an employee of The Hard Rock CafĂ©, which told us there were about 25 people that camped out since 2am, to be ahead of the line. The entire event was perfectly organized, they gave us wrist bands and they separated the lines into three different groups. The energy of the crowd was huge; many fans came out dress as their favorite characters. They chanted for their favorite wrestlers, for their favorite shipping company, basically they chanted for everyone and everything. What stood out to me was the interaction between Cena’s fans & The Rock’s fans and how passionately they showed their support. There were three John Cena haters which brought a box of Fruity Pebbles, and chanted Fruity Pebbles all day long.

Finally the WWE Superstars started to arrive via limos and SUVs. This is when the crowd became rowdy; the first participant to arrive was Snooki.  The second person to arrive was Michael Cole, followed by The Game Triple H who was accompanied by his wife Stephanie McMahon. The King of Kings took the time to wave at the crowd. The Miz came out of his SUV, the fans started to chant AWESOME, AWESOME, and AWESOME. Edge and Alberto del Rio made their appearance thereafter. A surprise guest came out of a stretch limo it was Vince McMahon.  The last two superstars to make their appearance were John Cena and The Rock, the first one to appear was Cena. As Cena exits out of the car the fans started to chant Fruity Pebbles, one of the fans tossed a hand full of Fruity Pebbles towards John Cena. He looked extremely pissed off, as made his way into the building. Finally The Rock makes his appearance in New York City; the fans went crazy, and the Rocky chants started. The Rock waved towards the crowd, electrifying the hundreds and hundreds of The Rock fans that were in attendance.

During the press conference Snooki forgot who her male partner was, John Morrison. Also the WWE Universe didn’t want to hear from John Cena, The crowd was chanting everything you can imagine. Overall it was fun, but sadly I didn’t get any memorabilia signed today.

Written by, Harrington Bayas and The Wrestling Fans Review.
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