Friday, March 25, 2011

Shelton Benjamin


Welcome back wrestling fans, on my pervious posted I stated that I will be meeting former WWE wrestling superstar Shelton Benjamin, at The Wrestling Universe. I am going to give you a brief bio on his career. Shelton Benjamin joined the WWE as part of a tag team with Charlie Haas, later known as “The World’s Greatest Tag Team”. They both formed an alliance with Kurt Angle, during the beginning of their careers, and “Team Angle” was born, together they dominated SmackDown. Shelton Benjamin and his partner held the WWE Tag team titles twice. He also held the WWE Intercontinental Championship on three different occasions, and the WWE United States Championship once. Towards the ending of his WWE wrestling career Shelton Benjamin took on the moniker the Gold Stander. That name sums up his pro wrestling career, in my opinion. He was one of the most underrated wrestlers in the entire WWE. Shelton Benjamin wrestling skills shine bright on the greatest stage of them all, WrestlemMania, he stood above all other participants in the “Money in The Bank Matches”. All of his high flying and fast pace moves made him unforgettable. He never held the WWE World Heavy Weight Championship, but he did held victories over such WWE superstar as Ric Flair, Triple H, Chris Jericho, Rob Van Dam, and many more.

Written by, Harrington Bayas and The Wrestling Fans Review.


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