Thursday, March 31, 2011

Chris Jericho in New York City

Hello wrestling fans, today my wife and I met Chris Jericho at Barnes & Noble in New York City. I am assuming the rain scared many WWE fans because the line was extremely short. Barnes & Noble advertised this event with some guidelines, they said there will be no posed photos and no Wrestling memorabilia’s would be signed. Barnes & Noble was well organized they gave wrist bands; there were security guards to watch the line and answer any question. When I met Jericho he was extremely nice and he signed my WWE memorabilia. He also posed for pictures with both of us. Overall it was a great experience. I would like to take this time to thank for giving me the information to many of the autograph session around the Tri State area.

Written by, Harrington Bayas and The Wrestling Fans Review.

WrestleMania 27 Press conference

Hello again wrestling fan, my brother and I spent our day on an enormous line in order to enter The WrestleMania 27 Press conference. This was my first experience at an event like this, let me start of by saying it was a cold New York day. My brother made it onto line at about 8am, I made it a short time after that, and there were about 50 people in front of us. We know an employee of The Hard Rock Café, which told us there were about 25 people that camped out since 2am, to be ahead of the line. The entire event was perfectly organized, they gave us wrist bands and they separated the lines into three different groups. The energy of the crowd was huge; many fans came out dress as their favorite characters. They chanted for their favorite wrestlers, for their favorite shipping company, basically they chanted for everyone and everything. What stood out to me was the interaction between Cena’s fans & The Rock’s fans and how passionately they showed their support. There were three John Cena haters which brought a box of Fruity Pebbles, and chanted Fruity Pebbles all day long.

Finally the WWE Superstars started to arrive via limos and SUVs. This is when the crowd became rowdy; the first participant to arrive was Snooki.  The second person to arrive was Michael Cole, followed by The Game Triple H who was accompanied by his wife Stephanie McMahon. The King of Kings took the time to wave at the crowd. The Miz came out of his SUV, the fans started to chant AWESOME, AWESOME, and AWESOME. Edge and Alberto del Rio made their appearance thereafter. A surprise guest came out of a stretch limo it was Vince McMahon.  The last two superstars to make their appearance were John Cena and The Rock, the first one to appear was Cena. As Cena exits out of the car the fans started to chant Fruity Pebbles, one of the fans tossed a hand full of Fruity Pebbles towards John Cena. He looked extremely pissed off, as made his way into the building. Finally The Rock makes his appearance in New York City; the fans went crazy, and the Rocky chants started. The Rock waved towards the crowd, electrifying the hundreds and hundreds of The Rock fans that were in attendance.

During the press conference Snooki forgot who her male partner was, John Morrison. Also the WWE Universe didn’t want to hear from John Cena, The crowd was chanting everything you can imagine. Overall it was fun, but sadly I didn’t get any memorabilia signed today.

Written by, Harrington Bayas and The Wrestling Fans Review.
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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Alberto Del Rio will fulfill his destiny

Ever since his debut, Alberto Del Rio has been making a huge impact on the WWE Universe. Since the Royal Rumble, he has been dominating on WWE Friday Night SmackDown. Making Edge's life a nightmare. Luckily Christian came back to get his revenge on Del Rio. But since WWE NXT, he developed a protégé, so-to-speak, Brodus Clay. With a big man like Brodus Clay by your side, it's been very difficult for Edge and Christian to gain an advantage. This Friday on SmackDown will be the last confrontation Edge and Alberto Del Rio will have before WrestleMania 27. My prediction is that Alberto Del Rio will fulfill his destiny, but of course, you already know that ::wink::

Picture was taken at WrestleMania 27 Press Conference, at The Hard Rock Cafe on March 30, 2011.

Written by Ernesto Heleno Jr. and The Wrestling Fans Review.

Triple H's last goal in wrestling.

The Game vs. The Streak. Bottom line, this match will definitely steal the show. When you talk about the elite in Professional Wrestling, names like Triple H and the Undertaker are definitely up there. I expect nothing but greatness. So basically, Triple H's last goal in wrestling is to beat the streak. Undertaker had his two best WrestleMania matches in a roll against the greatest of all time, the Heartbreak Kid Shawn Michaels. After HBK's surprise appearance on Monday Night Raw, he left the ring almost scared by the Undertaker's words. What's the deal with that? Maybe the Showstopper will help beat the streak OR maybe he'll stop his buddy Triple H from beating the streak. I want the streak to be done and over with already, but we'll see what happens at WrestleMania 27 this Sunday.

Written by Ernesto Heleno and The Wrestling Fans Review.


SnookiMania? SnookiMania? Why? What did the true WWE Universe do to deserve such horror? Calling it that name is a disgrace to wrestling and definitely the WWE Universe. At WrestleMania 27, Vickie Guerrero will accompany Dolph Ziggler and Lay Cool on their match against John Morrison, Trish Stratus and Snooki. Will the match be any good? I think John Morrison, Dolph Ziggler and the WWE Divas will hold their own, while Snooki sneaks a few shots in. Of course, it is a no-brainer that Snooki pins whomever, thus winning the match. Personally, I think it's a useless match but Snooki at WrestleMania means $$$$$. So congratulations WWE.

Written by Ernesto Heleno and The Wrestling Fans Review.

Picture was taken at WrestleMania 27 Press Conference, at The Hard Rock Cafe on March 30, 2011.  

Monday, March 28, 2011

FU on The Rock

John Cena gave an FU to The Rock on Monday Night Raw. It was awesome, now I really can’t wait for Sunday night. WrestleMania 27 is going to be great. The Rock will lay the SmackDown on his Candy A**. John Cena will not become WWE Champion. I will gladly pay money to see John Cena lose.

Written by, Harrington Bayas and The Wrestling Fans Review.

Knockouts vs Divas & Snooki

I really enjoyed the TNA Knockouts match, between Mickie James and Tara. Tara used a Boston Crab to setup her finisher, but Mickie James ended the match, with a Tornado DDT. It was exciting; they actually use wrestling maneuvers, unlike the WWE Divas. This brings me to talk about Snooki from The Jersey Shore being used as a competitor in WrestleMania 27, how did this happen? Is she really going to enter the ring with Trish Stratus & John Morrison vs. Dolph Ziggler & Lay-Cool? Wow, I really don’t understand why the WWE is using Snooki for a match. This makes me stop and think about the Hall of Fame inductee Drew Carey, and everything starts to make sense. The WWE is attempting to attract new fans while neglecting the true Wrestling supporters, by using non wrestlers at WrestleMania.  

Written by, Harrington Bayas and The Wrestling Fans Review.

The Number One Contender

Last Thursday night on TNA Impact, we saw Mr. Anderson give a good promo that was interrupted by, Hulk Hogan and Eric Bischoff. Their announcement was that Mr. Anderson has to face Rob Van Dam in order to determine the number one contender for Sting’s TNA world title. Sting enters the Impact Zone and states “The Network” named him the special enforcer for the number one contender match. I believe ECW used “The Network” story line during the 90’s when it used to air on TNN (TNN later became Spike TV). I really didn’t get excited over this story line, since it has already been used, without success. The match ended when Sting & Mr. Anderson started to fight one another. We still don’t know who the number one contender is, what we do know is that Rob Van Dam won the match via a disqualification last Thursday night.

Written by, Harrington Bayas and The Wrestling Fans Review.

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Triple H in New York

Hello wrestling fans, my family and I just return from an autograph signing session, with Triple H. He was promoting his movie, The Chaperone released on DVD at Sam’s Club, in Elmsford, NY.  There was a long line, but it moved quickly. I really didn’t mind paying a membership fee in order to meet Triple H. He was signing the DVD cover or one piece of memorabilia per wrist band. He also posed and shook hands with the fans. Over all it was an awesome time.

Written by, Harrington Bayas and The Wrestling Fans Review.

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Review on Shelton Benjamin autograph signing event

We had an awesome time meeting former WWE wrestling superstar Shelton Benjamin at The Wrestling Universe on Saturday, March 26, 2011.  The event was well organized and we had ample time with Shelton Benjamin. Pricing was perfect and that’s why I had two items autograph. The store is planning on having other events which I will be attending and I highly recommend wrestling fans to attend as well

Written by, Harrington Bayas and The Wrestling Fans Review.

Friday, March 25, 2011

Shelton Benjamin


Welcome back wrestling fans, on my pervious posted I stated that I will be meeting former WWE wrestling superstar Shelton Benjamin, at The Wrestling Universe. I am going to give you a brief bio on his career. Shelton Benjamin joined the WWE as part of a tag team with Charlie Haas, later known as “The World’s Greatest Tag Team”. They both formed an alliance with Kurt Angle, during the beginning of their careers, and “Team Angle” was born, together they dominated SmackDown. Shelton Benjamin and his partner held the WWE Tag team titles twice. He also held the WWE Intercontinental Championship on three different occasions, and the WWE United States Championship once. Towards the ending of his WWE wrestling career Shelton Benjamin took on the moniker the Gold Stander. That name sums up his pro wrestling career, in my opinion. He was one of the most underrated wrestlers in the entire WWE. Shelton Benjamin wrestling skills shine bright on the greatest stage of them all, WrestlemMania, he stood above all other participants in the “Money in The Bank Matches”. All of his high flying and fast pace moves made him unforgettable. He never held the WWE World Heavy Weight Championship, but he did held victories over such WWE superstar as Ric Flair, Triple H, Chris Jericho, Rob Van Dam, and many more.

Written by, Harrington Bayas and The Wrestling Fans Review.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

HULKAMINIA runs wild on American Idol

Hulk Hogan takes out Ryan Seacrest with one right hand punch. It was crazy; Ryan took an awful bump into the crowed. Hulk Hogan spoke and the crowd cheered. James Durbin is one of the contestants on the show, he went crazy when The Hulk appeared on stage, and this proves that wrestling is not dead, it’s alive and well.
Written by, Harrington Bayas and The Wrestling Fans Review.

The Wrestling Universe

Hello again wrestling fans, I am very excited to be attending an upcoming autograph signing event featuring Shelton Benjamin.  I am going to my favorite store in Queen, New York, its call The Wrestling Universe. This store is great; it has everything you can think of pertaining to wrestling. They have a great assortment of wrestling figures. They also carry 8’X10’ promo pictures and high gloss photos. They carry many autograph photos from past in store signing events. My family and I have attended many autograph sessions at The Wrestling Universe, some of the superstars we have met are Aj Styles, Rey Mysterio, Mickie James, Scott Steiner, Team 3D, Mr. Anderson and my others. These events are family friendly and affordable. Former WWE Shelton Benjamin will be signing autograph on Saturday, March 26, 2011 from 3pm to 5pm. I am also planning on meeting former WWE superstar Carlito on Saturday, April 30, 2011.
For info visit The Wrestling Universe.

Written by, Harrington Bayas and The Wrestling Fans Review.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

The Rock is Back on Raw

It has been four weeks since it was revealed that The Rock will be hosting WrestleMania 27. Of course we all know he addressed John Cena, in a great promo on Monday Night Raw. The following week John Cena’s rap was a great comeback. On March 14, 2011, The Rock and a mini John Cena met at The Rock’s home, which was hilarious. Finally next week on Raw, The Rock and John Cena will confront each other face-to-face in the squared circle. We'll see what happens next week. On the other hand, WWE champion The Miz, has taken advantage of Cena's attention on The Rock and has been pulverizing Cena every week. Will the match between John Cena and The Miz be any good? Most likely it will not. In my opinion, Cena will probably be regaining the WWE title at WrestleMania 27. But what’s going to happen with The Rock situation? Will The Rock finally make his return to the squared circle? WrestleMania 27 is two weeks away, so only time will tell.  

Written by, Ernesto Heleno Jr. and The Wrestling Fans Review.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

The Cerebral Assassin Takes out The future of the WWE

"The King of Kings" Triple H, obliterated a rising superstar in the WWE, Ted Dibiase last night on Raw. In order to promote the "No Holds Barred Match" between The Undertaker and Triple H, the WWE are sending "The Lambs to slaughter". Triple H humiliated two of the premier Raw superstars, Sheamus and Ted Dibiase. These young wrestlers will carrier the WWE to a new era, but they are being disgraced by a WWE legend that doesn’t have too much fight in him or is not willing to fight any more. Is the future of the WWE worth more than one man’s ego trip? Yea, we know he is a 13 time champion, a co-founder of DX and Evolution, but can he steal the show at WrestleMania? Shawn Michaels and The Under taker stole WrestleMania 26. Ric Falir vs. Shawn Michaels match at WrestleMania 24 was an outstanding match. I believe this match will be a slow pace and most of the action will be held outside the ring. Triple H will defeat The Undertaker and the streak end at 18-1; this is my prediction for the "No Holds Barred Match" at WrestleMania 27.
What are your feelings, do you have any other predictions?
Triple H
 Written by, Harrington Bayas and The Wrestling Fans Review.

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Wrestling World Titles

Last Thursday on TNA Impact, Sting finally replaced his newly acquired championship title, which was created for the former title holder “The Charismatic Enigma” Jeff Hardy.  The TNA World Heavy Weight Champion Sting was proudly displaying the new world title, while he handed the old belt to Hulk Hogan in the middle of the Square circle.  The old title fit Jeff Hardly well, but it was atrocious.  I hated that title, it was horrible, and it looked worst then John Cena’s WWE championship belt.  WWE and TNA should just pick a traditional style for their championship belt, and change it every couple of years.  What do you think?  Which title looks worst?

Written by, Harrington Bayas and The Wrestling Fans Review.


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